Controversy between Dalas Review and ElRubius


In the life of the writer, as in the life of any hardworking, there are topics on which you like writing more than others. Stories of overcoming, of liguillas small, players tireless, of magical moments, it’s downright inspiring just to put them in writing. A pleasure when you find a theme as well.

Then there are issues about that the origin of the same will not let you comfortablebut even so you know that you can do well and explain an idea, find an order to what seems chaos and make it interesting so the reader wants to know more of the topic. If you like to write, as is my case, the challenge is greater than the one described in the previous paragraph, which also has its thing.

This is the third time that I thought about a topic, tap a little to the side (or a lot) to esportsbut that goes back to being present. And the meter that we use for assessing whether a subject is or is not susceptible of being publishable in Movistar eSports is the amount of people related with the sector that they talk about it. It is what happened this morning with ElRubius and Dalas Review. And the relationship, although not like throughout the world.

The context is the following: on the 8th of April, ElRubius was playing Valorant with Mixwell, Ulises Prieto, Sr Cheto, Ibai Plains, Alexby, Orslok, Lolito and Revenant. A good band that took to the game with messing around (as it should be), and at the end of the same, continued by jumping pullitas friendly to social networks.

In response to a tweet from the official account of Valorant, Revenant laughed a little ElRubius, and he responded with a phrase that is a ‘cut-paste’ of a certain youtuber subscriber, like it or not, to the controversy. And like so many other things, it has become meme.

11 days after that all lights candid tweet, Dalas Review has been given by alluded. If we all have schedules turned upside down with the quarantine, Dalas it seems that a little more, since at six-twenty today, Sunday echoed the mockery. And there he does not pass.

I transcribe for the becomings of Twitter or technical issues do not erase the post in question: “can you be more fake and clown [emoticono] that rubensito [sic]? Then he goes that he does not mess with anyone, but the reality is that it all started by an attack to free his back to me in 2018and here is laughing at something serious”. And attached a screenshot for that all the world knows of the outrage.

This makes at least a server to ask about what things make you laugh to Dalas. Do you like Friends? What is escandalizará when in The Simpson’s caricature to the Spanish? Do you bear to hear a joke that you have him as the protagonist, outside of the color out?

By make a point, it seems appropriate to point out that Dalas talk about absolutely any topictypically , with little appreciation: “modern art is crap”, “I am Not left-wing nor right-wing”, “The law of gender-based violence is abhorrent” or “The sidosa modern poetry” are phrases that open some of their videos, that separate abysmally content such as Fortnite or Karmaland. And therefore, the rest of youtubers.

Dalas does not tire of saying that someone that no matter what he has gone through very likely “is he would commit suicide”. And he says it without blushing in front of an audience millionaire, in addition to many other things by not saying them can be found here and here. The case is that if he is so affected because of his past as to not endure even a subtle mention, maybe you are in the wrong business.

The worst of the tweet above is the answer that he himself gives, and which I transcribe entire: “Soon will tell you all the things that I was saving Rubius since 2012. Really it is very sad that rubensito [sic] has done horrible things, but him, no one dares to talk about because they all want to liked to scratch family. Because the tell you I (and a secret)”. Is it just me or it sounds like a threat?

Responding to another fan, forward the atrocious content of the hypothetical video: a so-called meribah because Dalas came out eight years ago with an ex of ElRubius. From there, Dalas begins to give details that only can be heard in that kind of programs that “nobody sees” but that are leaders in hearing. If you want to know more, go to the networks of Dalas, but I do not recommend it.

Instead of gossip, let’s talk about numbers. Let us remember that these are not synonyms for quality, but it does give an idea of the popularity. Well, Rubius quadruples to Dalas in followers YouTube, you have ten times more followers on Instagram and multiplied by one hundred (a one and two zeros), its relevance in Twitter compared to those of your partner’s profession, not of the world. And that’s not counting the tournaments are beneficial in those who have participated in face-to-facefor example.

Its cultural impact will lead to above of Katy Perry on YouTube, and only 90,000 followers behind Taylor Swift, that is, top 25 influencers worldwide. In addition, he has done advertising campaigns with Will Smithhas a tv series with two seasons by now, and a myriad of collaborations with multinational companies who trust in him by having, not deny, an image seemingly above reproach.

If we talk about the merits public of Dalasthe paragraph is shorter. Have eye, but they acknowledge it or not, your record is far less lucid. I have not managed to find any charity event in which he participated, and for me the content less sarcastic than I have been able to see it a video that allows you maquille his sister. Is 2016.

Take a video by aerating dirty laundry is nothing that has not been done before in hundreds of times (asked to AuronPlay), but to repent and ask forgiveness for this, nor would it be new to him (you are asked to AuronPlay). A strategy that based on repeat time and time again you are just defining.

Logan Paul, a heavy weight of the youtubers americans, organized a boxing match with his rival KSI. Between the two amounted to 43 million followers, six less than the coming together between the protagonists of this article. Such a battle seems impossible in Spainif well sure that I had an audience by the clouds. To dream…

But let’s be realistic: the origin of this situation Dalas vs. Rubius was a game of Valorantand Rubius has not spoken publicly about Dalas and it is very doubtful that you do. If me rely on, I would solve the “clash” in a way more elegant and less physical: squaring off in a match of new shooter Riot. The bad thing is that one of them possibly would have difficulty finding team-mates.