Converted to Bárbara de Regil in piñata


The video smile of the actress inspired the business Piñatas Handmade by Gil from Durango to launch his new piñata.

Barbara de Regil it has become a trend due to your attitude during your workout routines. Your video titled as “smiles” it has viralizado generating countless parodies, filter on Instagram and memes.

Now the actress has inspired the business Piñatas Artesanales Gil Durangowho used their image to get your new product. Your piñata even wears the shorts and the black top that uses the celebrity.

In the piñata Barbara de Regil it highlights the smile of the actress, and in addition to that also pointed to his marked abdomen.

In the account Instagram the piñatería showed the photo of your new element, even went up a video in which you can hear the voice of the actress by inviting your followers to smile.

In his post, the piñatería of Durango etiqueto to Barbara de Regil so she did not hesitate to leave your like. In addition, in their stories Instagram the actress shared the piñata pointing out that he already knew what he wanted for his birthday on the 5th of June.

“I already know what a piñata I want for my birthday. Thanks”Barbara de Regil

Barbara de Regil piñata
Barbara de Regil@barbaraderegil

Barbara de Regil also shared it on his account Instagram that used to share tips, nutritional br5tips.

“This is the best piñata I saw a little girl JAJAJJAJAJA ¡Obvious it is a lie! The best was one of the spice girls (I was a fan) But I loved it”br5tips

Piñatas Artesanales Gil de Durango it has also developed the whackiest of Cardi B and Vicente Fernandez.

In the original video Barbara de Regil interrupts your exercise routine to ask the internet community showing off your smile. “Smiles, smiles, smiles. I want to smile, do it, smiling. Attitude, first of all, that no one will turn off, that no one will turn off, this is yours, it’s your smile,” said excited the actress of 32 years.

Among the famous who have replicated this routine are: “El Capi” Perez, Pati Chapoy, Jorge Falcón, Aislinn Derbez, Jose Eduardo Derbez and Francisco Arturo Barrios Martínez “El Mastuerzo”.