Coronavirus in the united States: Cardi B on Instagram shows that he is afraid for his life after criticizing Donald Trump and think that he has watched


Editor: The Popular21 Apr 2020 | 16:14 h

Is concerned and so let you know. The arrival of the coronavirus to the united States has been devastating. Thousands of people have lost their lives because of this disease, and this has outraged Cardi B, who does not fear to speak out against Donald Trump.

However, this would have brought problems. The singer comes to respecting the quarantine, and from his house, conducted a live broadcast with the former candidate to the presidency of U.S. Bernie Sanders. At the end of the conversation, she started to have problems to continue with the live.

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She started to get the constant interference and lose the sound precisely minutes after his talk with Sanders,and this seemed strange, because that ensures that usually does not happen that kind of things, so that he began to show nervous and raise suspicion that you may be being watched.

“Since I’m doing this live video what when it has gone that? since I do live videos for how long has been this happening? ever, now all of a sudden my transmission is without a sound,” said the rapper in the realization of the situation.

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“I don’t know, I’m freaking out, is giving me a bit of fear. Because my husband does not like it when I start to talk about politics, really hates him, puts him paranoid,” said about her husband Offset, the father of her daughter Kulture.

Then, it showed visibly confused and nervous to let go of a theory that would be the president of the united States who would be watching, then ending the transmission abruptly.

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“God forbid, if something happened to me or someone of my family, they’re going to learn who he was and why. This wed** it smells weird very strange. Which is weird that after go-live with Bernie my transmission is without a sound,” he said.

“Can you see me? what is still fuzzy?”, he asked the star-and subsequently the transmission is returned to be stopped, then put a dot at the end.

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