Coronavirus. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner donate food to medical personnel


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Many celebrities have joined in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus covid-19. For its part, Joe Jonas and her partner, british actress Sophie Turnercontributed with one hundred meals for the medical staff of the Hospital of East Los Angelesthanks to the campaign charity Fuelling the Fearlessthat supports health workers to the current crisis.

Through social networks, the campaign thanked the couple for their contribution: “Many thanks to Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Front, Mack and Shonda Mcintyre by donating 100 meals to the East LA Doctors Hospital. This hospital is in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and serves a community very disadvantaged with resources and support limited”, it says in the description of a series of images of the food and the workers in the enjoyment of the gift.

“The staff works tirelessly to care for the community and the forgotten. Through this kind of sponsorships are fully paid, Alikis Greek Taverna and its donors provide a moment of relief to the staff more grateful. A hot food allows them to know who all we’re in this together” added in the official account of the campaign in order to express gratitude to the gesture.

Meanwhile, Joe and Sophie contribute to the entertainment of their fans, through stories and videos that the celebrities shared on social networks, during the confinement imposed by the pandemic.

It is worth mentioning that these are not the only celebrities who have joined the cause, since some days ago, prince Harry and Meghan Markle through the streets of Los Angeles to hand out food to people at risk for the covid-19.


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