Danna Paola, and the girls of Elite used to recreate the iconic look of Jennifer Lopez


Danna Paola has now become one of the biggest stars youth emerged from the theatre mexican, and has made a successful foray into the international market, not only in the world of acting, but also in the item record thanks to their album gender urban “Seven”. Thanks to his participation on the popular Spanish series of Netflix “Elite, where he plays the character of Lucrecia Montesinos -a capricious and class-student mexican in Madrid-, the rise in the past two years, the world-famous Danna has been made dormantnothing wrong for a public figure that emerged from the local television in Mexico at the age of 4 years, when she participated in children’s series Sesame Street”.

During this period of quarantine because of the efforts to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus in the world, the 24-year old man is confined to his home in the City of Mexicofrom where he keeps in touch with his public hanging videos, and photographs that give account of that is kept fun and busy: whether it’s dancing reggaeton, cooking, answering the questions of his fans and even making a game LEGO of Harry Potter, Danna Paola recorded every moment on your Instagram.

On this occasion, the singer shared a series of photographs that she and her fellow “Elite” were for the magazine Cosmopolitanin its Spanish edition. What most caught the attention of her fans is that in the shooting where it appears to the side of the actresses Esther Expósito, Mina El Hammani, Georgina Amorós and Claudia Roomsis that the cast posed with outfits inspired by the iconic dress Versace you used Jennifer Lopez at the gala of the Grammy awards in the year 2000.

With the text: “In a parallel world… Sex and the City The Musical. I Love you so so so much”, Danna Paola shared the image in which she and the group of actresses recreate the clothing emblematic dressed the american singer of puerto rican descent and became a milestone in the world of the fashion.

The sexy latina who revolutionized Google

After shining in the biopic Selena, Jennifer Lopez he debuted in the music scene with the album ‘On the 6’being invited to the Gala 42 of the Grammy awards where she wore a Versace ‘jungle’ that seduced the world. Millions of internet users loved the look and ‘Jennifer Lopez Grammy dressbecame the concept most sought-after never-before-seen, February 24, 2000.

At that time the popular search engine not given easily to the photo of the desireso the company developed a tool totally new: he was born Google Imagesproduct with the the giant of Silicon Valley ended up to position itself as a world leader. In his time the diva of the Bronx opted for this outfit, although I had previously used the former spice girl Geri Halliwell. It is a design with V-neckline deep and transparencies that were the focus of the collection of the beginning of the millennium of the emporio textile Donatella Versace.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, said that in the 2000 users are no longer satisfied with searches of ‘text only’, so the team of developers of the emporium he worked at a feverish pace to move forward on a technological innovation based on the search for graphics.

Recently, JLo has revealed in his program YouTube “Moments in fashion”that the choice of dress was totally arbitrary and last-minutewithout imagine that would go down in history not only of fashion and the red carpet, but of the technology.

Before Google Images, the photo of Lopez was discharged 642,917 times of various web sitesso this event of the culture pop it marked the first technological milestone of the new millennium, then it will be followed by the tool of geolocation Google Maps.