Darts. The unusual reason that a world champion was out of a tournament


Gary Anderson and his disappointment due to a bad connection

London (AFP).- Gary Anderson, two-time world champion of darts, will not be able to participate in a competition virtual in full confinement by the pandemic of the new coronavirus

because your internet connection is too bad.

The competitions in vivo are disrupted by the pandemic COVID-19 and the League of Professional Darts (PDC) this week announced the launch of a championship in which the players are confined in their houses, would then be faced with the issue of a live video from their homes.

But Gary Anderson, world champion in 2015 and 2016 of this game, very popular in the Uk, had to be low.

“I was interested, but when we did testing with my wifi, we saw that it was not stable enough”

regretted this scottish 49-year-old told the Sun newspaper.

“I’m not surprised. I have already problems to pay my bills over the internet, it is very frustrating”,

added. The president of the PDC, Barry Hearn, promised that the league “would attempt to help,” Anderson. “There are things that can be done, technically,” he told Talksport Radio.

Another heavy weight of the circuit of this discipline, the northern ireland Daryl Gurney, he also had to give up, in your case because you do not have enough space in your home.

“Many of the best players have a room specially dedicated to throwing darts, with good lighting (…) My goal is to the door of my room. I stood in the hallway, at the top of the ladder, I put one foot in the bathroom and another in the hallway. So if someone wants to go to the bathroom I can’t throw,” he explained.