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During the last few days, it spread a video intimate in social networks, where it is said that Dayanita was one of its protagonists. Though the actress denied it in Instagramduring the last broadcast of The Wasap JB reminded him of the fact, which was answered decisively by the comic.

Dayanita suffered practical jokes in two sequences of the program that leads Jorge Benavides. The first one happened when parodiaban the type of masks that may be used by peruvians to be prevented from coronavirus.

YOU CAN SEE Dayanita responds to netizens that the link in video intimate: “I’m tired”

Dayanita was linked to an alleged video intimate that circulated on social networks.

It appears Dayanita, but when Jorge Benavides, describing one of his characters, the recognized comment: “Ah, it’s you, the one in the video”; this left impressed with the actress, who preferred to laugh before you even bother.

“To be clear, I think you’ve informed wrong, just in case, what video are you talking about?”, questions very serious actress. Immediately, Jorge Benavides refutes: “The video of the celebration of the program’s past,” says the comedian surprised, to what Dayanita he just says: “Ah, yeah, well…”.

Dayanita is one of the most loved actresses of The Wasap JB.

In the next sequence, that of the ronderos, the cast of The Wasap JB was giving tips to prevent the spread of coronavirus. While passing list, it’s the turn of Dayanita, but when the Paisana Jacinta the recognize expressing:

YOU CAN SEE Dayanita about prostitutes: “I would Ask the president to support them with a basic basket”

“He has committed a crime. In our community it is well known that you can’t record tutorialsDayanita starts to laugh) because the tutorial robs you of your soul and she has recorded one which is running down the networks,” said the recognized character.

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“I am not. There is another person that looks like me.” After this, we refute: “But all they say is you”, but the actress insists: “I am Not”.

Dayanita complaint video sex

In your account of Instagram, Dayanita denounced to the people who ensured that was the protagonist of the video sexual above-mentioned and explained the why can’t it be she who appears in the images.

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“There are ignorant people who takes the trouble by mentioning the name of a person as in the case of mine. I’m tired. Not only do I do the commentary for the video, but I have written, send me questions (about that),” he said in a video.

Dayanita. Photo: Instagram

“I’m sorry that I expressed this way. First of all, I don’t have breasts, I don’t have anything and I do not like such asquerosidades, at all. I love all people and never do too much vulgarity, because I don’t like grabarme. I am a quiet person, very discreet. I don’t like to do these outrageous things,” said the actress of The Wasap JB.

YOU CAN SEE Dayanita has a son of 7 years and ask for help to view the article: “Always have it in my mind”

Dayanita supports prostitutes

Dayanita we made a special request to the president Martín Vizcarra after his announcement of distribution of basic food basket to people who do not receive income.

The actress The wasap JB said, in a dialogue with a local environment, which they consider to be the prostitutes, as they have been out of work due to the state of emergency.

The actress transgender said that they consider these people because they can’t work due to the quarantine.

“Whether they want to or not want to them, this (prostitution) is a job, that they can eat, there are some that are a little crazy and spend their money and have nothing to eat,” he said.

“I would ask the president to at least support them with a basic basket”, added to Karibeña.

Dayanita is shown in a bathing suit

Dayanita it has a large number of followers in Instagram after making his debut in the The wasap JB. As A result of that, the actress transgender Latin has gained popularity.

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In one of its recent publications, the comedian was seen in a bathing suit during your stay on holiday in Pucallpa. “Walk by my red earth,” wrote the friend of Angelo Fukuy.

Dayanita comedian of Latin

Dayanita flirts with Josimar Fidel in live program

The actress transgender did not hesitate to show the affection that he feels for the performer of the sauce ‘perucha’ to participate in a broadcast of the program, The wasap JB, where Dayanita characterized the colombian singer Karol G.

“Sounds good to Me, but now I look more handsome. Can I greet? It is an honor to have it in front of me,” said the member of Latin.


Dayanita and Angelo Fukuy star moving scene in The wasap JB

Dayanita and Angelo Fukuy starred in a hilarious scene that was viralizada by Rodrigo González on Instagram.

“Oh, it was my love, I’ve missed you,” she says, the comic actress, the lead singer of cumbia and gives it a big hug of welcome.

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