Denier COVID-19 in Ohio dies of coronavirus

A man in Ohio for 60 years, called the pandemic coronavirus a “tactic policy” has died of COVID-19.

John W. McDaniel died last Wednesday in Columbus, only a month after he shared several publications Facebook that rejected the state orders to stay home. McDaniel, who described the closure of Ohio as a “lie”, tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of march.

“Does anyone have the guts to say that this COVID19 is a ploy in politics? Asking for a friend. To demonstrate that I’m wrong”, he wrote in a publication on 13 march, according to The sun.

On march 15, McDaniel called on the governor of Ohio Mike DeWine, claiming that they had the right to close bars and restaurants.

“Oh, I say nonsense! He does not have that authority,” said McDaniel. “If you are paranoid about getting sick, simply do not leave. Should not prevent those of us to live our lives. The madness has to stop.”

Your social media account seems to have been removed since then.

Although it is not clear if McDaniel had any underlying health conditions that could have complicated his battle with COVID-19, his obituary he points out that McDaniel had cancer in the 80’s.

McDaniel, who was the president of the company industrial manufacturing of his company, he is survived by his wife and two adult children.

“You could not have known of a husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend most loving and loyal,” said the obituary. “In a few words, Johnny McDaniel loved life and loved everyone she knew with all your heart.”

Despite the publications, anti-lock McDaniel, his family asked “that all may continue to practice social distancing to keep you safe”.

McDaniel was the first person in the county of Marion in death due to COVID-19, Marion Star reported.

Until the 21st of April, Ohio has reported a total of 13,725 cases of coronavirus and 557 deaths, according to The New York Times. Marion county has the largest number of cases with 2,132 people infected.

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