Duel of styles: Yalitza Aparicio vs Jennifer Aniston

The Falconetti Dress of The Vampire”s Wife is the one that most celebs have used. The garment created by Susie Bick Cave, wife of the artist Nick Cave, it is everything that a woman needs to look classy, modern and at the same time victorian.

Kate Middleton, Margot Robbie, Kirsten Dunst, Laura Dern, Natalie Portman, the model Alexa Chung, among other celebs, have looked spectacular with a dress of this brand, but the ones that shone brightest in an impressive way with the Falconetti Dress were Jennifer Aniston and the mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio.

Both wore this dress metallic with olanes on the sleeves and round neck, the only difference was the tone that their stylists were selected for the actresses.

Yalitza took the Falconetti in February of last year for a red carpet. We can not deny that it was one of his best looks and the color of the dress is perfect for your skin tone, in addition to the cut of the dress is ideal for the shorter women because it makes them look tall and svelte.

On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston wore this same dress to the talk show Jimmy Kimmel. The celeb took him before the mexican actress, as it is a design that the brand has created for all seasons of the year; more than a trend, it is a classic.

Both actresses looked spectacular with the Falconetti, even the two coincided with a beauty look natural, and as hairstyle, flyaway hair that characterizes it.

The Falconetti Dress has a cost of 1,595 euros, almost 40 thousand pesos. The dress is available online, and in addition to the gold and black that brought Jenn and Yalitza, you can also find them in pink and silver, however, Aniston is no longer available.

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