‘Enola Holmes’, the new project of Millie Bobby Brown for Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown will star in a production for Netflix. The company’s streaming recently announced that it has acquired the rights to the making of the film ‘Enola Holmes’, which will be starring the young actress together with recognized figures of the show.

The film inspired by the series of books ‘Enola Holmes Mysteries’, will address the adventures of the teenage sister of the investigators Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. There are six books of these adventures, so that the company will have a lot of material with which you can work.

Millie Bobby Brown, after playing ‘Eleven’ in the original series ‘Stranger Things’, will embark on this character until now, been little known. Brown will be accompanied by a cast of first, among which are Henry Cavill and Helena Bonham Carter.

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Millie Bobby Brown Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown owes its fame thanks to his participation in the series ‘Stranger Things’ from Netflix.

Synopsis developed by Netflix describes the youngest sister of Holmes as a person rebellious, superdetectora and gifted by the right, who often surpasses their bright brethren. The character of Enola will undertake a journey to London in search of his mother, after this disappeared the day of his 16th birthday.

On your way you will find memorable characters without realizing that they will be dipping in the middle of a conspiracy that could alter the course of political history. We must prepare ourselves for a version that will give you a new and dynamic twist female to the already known best detective in the world in 1880.

Millie Bobby Brown is enjoying great popularity inside and outside of the streaming platform, so that their followers will be attentive to the premiere of this production, this while comes the long-awaited fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’, the series that catapulted him to fame.

The address of ‘Enola Holmes’, who will be in charge of Harry Bradbeer, recognized for his participation in productions such as ‘Fleabag’ or ‘Killing Eve’. The possible release date was not shared for the moment by the giant of the streaming.

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