Extraction / Tyler Rake: a Critique of the Netflix movie with Chris Hemsworth



Chris Hemsworth in Extraction.


I miss going to the cinema. And every time I give him a look at the schedule of movies and I see that we will not be able to see anything in theaters until July (hopefully) I get depressed a little. But I’m fully in favor of the home theater. Especially now that we actually have tvs, huge sound systems of high quality. And we can’t leave the house!

Extraction (that in Spain are entitled Tyler Rake and in Latin America Rescue mission) is the bet movie of Netflix for this Friday, April 24th. And the very idea of a Friday movie outing is enough to brighten up my day. Even though that is not theirs my preferred genre, or that there is still thousand of television series being issued right now (Mrs. America, Westworld, Killing Eve

, Belgravia) that I may have entertaining up to the end of the world. But sometimes you want to just see a movie.

This action movie adrenalínica starring the always charismatic Chris Hemsworth could be exactly the story that does not require too much your brain that you need. The premise is simple. Hemsworth is Tyler Rake, a mercenary, tired of the life (the reasons for boredom are trickling out little by little throughout the hour and 43 minute duration of the film) that he receives the order to rescue the teenager, Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal). The father of Ovi is a drug trafficker-indian trapped in prison. The largest drug trafficker bangladeshi, Amir Asif (Priyanshu Painyuli), is the one who has ordered the kidnapping of the son of his greatest opponent and enemy.

The film is set between Mumbai, in India, and Dhaka, in Blangladés, but was filmed in India and Thailand, and take advantage of the advantages of outdoor filming beyond the confines of a studio in Los Angeles or Atlanta. Extraction start with a plane from the air of the polluted city of Dhaka, wrapped in warm colors and saturated. The city is shown to us often from their rooftops with hanging clothes, its courtyards and its bustling streets.


Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda in one of the many fight scenes body to body Extraction.


Hemsworth take the hand of all his arsenal of Hollywood star to interpret this soldier hooked to the alcohol, the adrenaline and the opioid analgesics, and punished for life. But it is a pity that, in addition to enseñárnoslo showing off their many skills in the melee and show us once more how attractive it is, the film doesn’t take advantage of also another of his attributes: the sense of humor. And is that in Extraction I have missed the jokes. “We just attack the Goonies to hell”, mumbles the actor in one of the few moments in which your character is allowed to be mildly funny. And I have the feeling that it would have been a better movie with more departures from that style.

Taking into account that the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo are producers of Extraction and they are perfectly aware of the talents of comic Hemsworth for their work in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame and taking into account that Joe Russo is in fact the writer of this title, he could have written more jokes to Hemsworth. Also to David Harbour. The interpreter Stranger Things has a small role in Extraction and disappears, leaving the viewer with the feeling that he could have taken much more advantage.

Extraction is tinged by the urgency and gravity of this rescue mission, and the shadow of the past Rake up on him at all times and precipitándolo to put his life in danger. “You hope that, by playing the Russian roulette, you touch a bullet,” says Nik (Golshifteh Farahani), the kind of head of mercenaries charged with the mission to Tyler and someone with whom there is some sexual tension is not resolved (or if resolved in the distant past). But it is a relationship that only develops on the surface. A little better exposed is the camaraderie and even affection that is just giving between Rake and Ovi, but the rogue in me would have been able to pass without sentimentality, sugary of some of the sequences between the two characters.

The plane sequence of 12 minutes in Extraction


Chris Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave.


If there is a time in which this story managed to get me completely was in a chase, first by car, then on foot for the interior of a residential building, with the characters jumping between rooftops to finish again on the dusty streets of Dhaka in the interior of another vehicle. A chase of 12 minutes made in the plane sequence and camera in hand, and that keeps Tyler and Ovi as subjects of interest sometimes, to pass to show us the progress of his pursuers at other times and come back with our protagonists at the time you least expect it. It’s a chase covered with the typical scenes of combat and that he could not fail to remind me of another plane sequence with the fight body to body with the that we obsess about a couple of years ago in Atomic Blonde.

The parallelism with Atomic Blonde, and John Wick

And here is where the thing gets interesting. And is that the director of Extraction, Sam Hargrave, led the second unit in Infinity War and Endgamein addition to working as the coordinator of scenes of risk (stunt coordinator) in them. Hargrave is also the coordinator of scenes of risk and director of second unit precisely in Atomic Blonde. The thriller set in the 80’s and starring Charlize Theron was directed by another stunt coordinator passed to the address, David Leitch.

All of this after the success of the also stunt coordinator Chad Stahelski directing three installments of the saga starring Keanu Reeves, John Wick. Leitch co-directed the first film of this franchise, next to Stahelski.

The DNA in common between these titles orchestrated by men of action is obvious. They all share a language of action, direct and a little contrived. Almost realistic, without being actually so, and that is in the antipodes of the grandiloquence of such titles as Mission Impossible and its multiple sequels. Extraction joins in addition to that long tradition of action movies to what Die Hard in which the protagonist, who usually work alone, just wounded, bloody, bruised, and broken to the end of the story.

In any case, it is a good plan for the Friday of confinement. And, if you are not happy with the overdose of adrenaline, you always will be the fourth of The house of paperthe third of The house of flowerslisten to the full playlist of Guardians of the Galaxy or the documentary series about Michael Jordan. I mean, why give you some options.

Extraction / Tyler Rake / Rescue mission premieres on Netflix this April 24.

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