Florida celebrates Earth Day with called to attend to the level of the sea

Florida is commemorating the Earth Day, this April 22, with a call to address the sea level rise due to global warming

Florida commemorates the edition number 50 of Earth daycelebrated on the 22 of April, with the sunset view at the level of the sea, whose rise threatens to convert to 2.5 million people in the southern part of the state in “climate refugees”.

The young activist and executive director of Sink or Swim Project, Delaney Reynolds, said in an interview that “no one is safe” of the sea-level rise as a consequence of global warming, but that the solution lies in the transition towards an economy based on renewable energies.

“To become climate refugeessome people in south Florida will be able to move and live in any other place in the country that is not affected by the rise in sea level, but the population more impoverished will not be able to do so, and this is the real crisis,” she said.

Reynolds, who lives with his family in the Florida keys and has spent half a lifetime in the water, held this day at home is “different” because of the coronavirus.

The young man of little more than 20 years that has been compared to a young activist Swedish Greta Thunbergyou will participate in the summit of digital Earth, Optimism, organized by the Smithsonian Conservation Commons.

“Even though times are a little different, there are many ways of celebrate in line and safe from the house of each one. There are many events through the internet, such as music festivals, documentaries, or lectures to commemorate these fifty years,” he said.

A decade without progress in Florida

Florida it will be the region most affected by sea level rise over the next decades and by 2060 there will already be uploaded at least 60 centimeters, a situation in part caused by the “inaction” on the part of the state government, according to Reynolds.

One of the few measures implemented from the institutions it is SB 178 driven by the state senator José Javier Rodríguezthat was approved last march, and obliged to submit a study on the possible environmental impact in 50 years before building with the tax money in coastal areas.

Reynolds he stressed that “little by little things are changing”, and although the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, is aware of the problem “there is still much to be done”.

“What I have seen until now is much talkthere is a need to do something substantial that helps to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide,” she said.

An idea that coincides Thais Lopez, the co-founder of VoLo Foundation, a environmental organization who is responsible for researching through the data changes caused by climate change.

A study of this organization ensures that by the year 2030 there will be in Florida at least 100 days with temperatures higher than 37 degrees celsiusa rise in temperatures that will cause more hurricanes, droughts, and forced migration due to sea level rise.

“People don’t assume that everything is related with the climate problem. The economy, immigration, the wars. A long time ago that we found out that wars are due to lack of water and lack of resources,” he said.

The effect of the quarantine

In different places of the globe has viewed the effect that it is having the quarantine of COVID-19 in the nature, that after a few weeks of confinement has taken a break from the human being and has allowed that in places like the Keys, the waters are completely transparent.

“You want to say that the nature does not need us, nature is going to survive and is going to continue its course without us. You can’t say that the coronavirus it is a good news, but the truth is that nature needed a break,” said Lopez.

On the other hand, the concentrations common that is carried out in other editions of the Earth day have had to be suspended because of the coronavirus, but organizations such as the 350 South Florida keep the spirit alive through a strike line.

This organization is asking people to send them photographs with posters protesting the climate change to be able to make a mural that shows the concern of the population to curb this problem.

Others, such as the artist who american, 85 years Mira Lehrthat , with their works, warns of ‘Armageddon climate’ that hangs over Florida, do not lose hope in the face of a pandemic that must be confronted, “all together”.

“All together, we can overcome this. It is a matter of ideas. If we can heal the planet, we can also heal us,” he commented to EFE.

With information from EFE