Foxy eyes, the eye makeup that cause anger


The look that always carry Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid has a name, and we know how to do it. What to expect to recreate it?

Photo: Jairo Alvarez: @Creando_Boutique_creativa

This makeup is called ‘foxy eyes’ and apart from lengthening the look, achieves the effect of slanted eyes and raised. That touch of exotic flair that we so much like to of the models. The make-up artist Michelle (@michelle_makeup) teaches us how to do it. Ideal for practice these days of quarantine.

Before you begin to create your look make sure you have all the necessary tools. The key of this makeup are the eyebrows so that the hair remover, a brush for eyebrows and a bar of soap, will be needed. Do not forget to shades of brown and black and a liner. Now if, hands to the work.

Start with the eyebrows. The ideal is to find at least arquedas possible. To do this you can shave what you need or pick up a brush for eyebrows, pull it a few times for a hand soap solid and shape them. You have groomed up and this will help to lengthen the eye.

It is time to cover some dark circles, apply the foundation on the eyelid. We use three colors of shadows: depth, luminosity, and transition. With the help of shadows for brown eyes of course, we can lengthen the shape of the eye. First, a line in the part of the tear to lengthen it with a brush fine, and then made another line in the outer part of the eye, from lash to the brow line. If you do not have a lot of practice you can put a bit of tape to guide you.

After taking a pitch brown and with a brush for blending apply it on the basin of your eye, creating a straight line from the basin to the tip of your eyebrow. Finally, it joins the tip of your eye with the line that you did.

For this makeup out as we want, we must apply the shadows in a diagonal. But the darker tone, it will help us to begin to outline a little bit thicker. And finally, a clear tone in the center to give light to the look.

The final touch of this look, it is in the outline. Must be in ascending order, that is to say towards the eyebrow and we cannot forget to highlight the inner corner, to give the desired effect.






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Foxy eyes, the eye makeup that cause anger