‘Frankie Drake Mysteries’, in Cosmo

donostia – The detective agency Drake is still active in the city of Toronto of a century ago. This fiction returns to Cosmo today with a third season of ten episodes. The refined environments of the british aristocracy, the cruel and illegal boxing matches, the world of the supernatural, or the corrupt politicians are some scenarios in which you move. In addition, the researchers of this agency is made up solely of women will be transferred to London, in a case next to the writer Agatha Christie. The first agency of detective women investigates cases that the Police is not able to solve. In an era of change and hope, being a woman is a great advantage for the team led by Frankie Drake (Lauren Lee Smith). Is a woman ahead of her time, fearless and addicted to the adrenaline rush that follows its own rules. Women are just recognizing the right to vote and there is a new climate of freedom, so that opens the only female agency of detectives private in Toronto along with her friend Trudy.

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