From Salma Hayek to Maluma: these are some celebrities who live in the quarantine with pets


Since you started the quarantine by Covid-19, celebrities who are animal lovers, as Salma Hayek or Maluma, have not lost the opportunity to spend as much quality time as possible with their beloved pets.

In fact, the furry members of the family have taken over the publications in social networks of many famous that will melt with your company, affection and understanding during these difficult times.

Also, for some of these stars, the animals have been their only companions to combat the anxiety of a hard confinement, and without a doubt we are grateful for their loyalty, games and antics to distract from the disturbing world view.

Famous that accompany your quarantine with pets

While no doubt there are many figures that are going through the contingency along with their furry family members, here are five such personalities who indulge their animals during the isolation:

Joy Huerta

In addition to celebrating the day with your baby Noah and his wife, Diana Atri, the vocalist of Jesse and Joy celebrates the life between four walls with her cat bengal Ramon and your puppy Emma, which welcomed in the family a short time ago.

Luckily, everyone in the house to live together very well, and the days of the family kitchen Garden-Atri are filled with happiness and harmony.

Eugenio Derbez

The family Derbez would not be complete without Fionaa bulldog with which they have lived for almost 8 years and that is completely adored and spoiled by Eugene, his wife, Alessandra Rosaldo, and his youngest daughter Aitana.


The interpreter of “Qué chimba” has been hypothesized on several occasions, the moments that he lives in his hometown of Medellin with their dogs Bonny and Clydetwo beautiful siberian huskies who embrace it and provide heat during the quarantine period.

Also, it has been accompanied by her “nephew”, a small French bulldog called Prince.

J Balvin

The renowned artist was already dad of a dog breed akita called Enzo until recently adopted to Happinessa dog that has grown under the attention of the fans of the colombian and with whom he has been allowed to see enjoying fun moments the last few days.

Salma Hayek

Known for its infinite love for the animals, Salma Hayek he has also boasted about their pets during their confinement. One of his most recent posts in Instagram I was starring your dog Bee, who has inherited the glamour of her mother and lives in isolation from a luxurious bag.

My Bee has been taken very seriously by the social distancing. I hope you all are enjoying spending time with their pets,” said the diva mexican next to an image of a Bee dozing on a bag of the signature Bottega Veneta.