Galilea Montijo boasts her curves in a green dress in the style of Kim Kardashian


The driver of tv of the program Today: Galilea Montijo it has proven its versatility and glamour to highlight on television. So that now goes on networks with a close-fitting and short dress in green color only made to highlight your curves in the style of the famous Kim Kardashian.

Without a doubt, the conductive Galilee has been the center of attention in her appearances on the Today show and in the conduct of the program “Small Giants”, which has been suspended as a preventive measure of the pandemic. Each program in which it appears, Galilee is in the news for the dresses and accessories which are sets.

On this occasion, it is not surprising that the driver choose versions of dresses more risky. On this occasion, his choice of dress was one color green metallic in tone, emerald, large sleeves, V-neckline, and slim fit from the waist down, emphasizing your figure so hourglass.

And is that as time passes, Galilea Montijo it has become a fashion guru, and she knows that sometimes less is more. In this set, the driver of the program today, I opt for accessories more discrete game with a pair of shoes with designs and details to play with the green dress.

While by the hair, he opted for a soft-to-the californian-style, their usual color of brown hair together with touch-ups of paint and color in their tufts of down in blonde shades.

In addition, recently, the Galilee has shown that his figure is not by miracles, but the effort and discipline of a good diet and exercisethat allows you to show off these beautiful outfit, which despite what you may say or do, no one can deny that everything that is put on, fit perfectly.