Gente de Zona binds to Becky G on the theme of “Girl”


After several weeks of unknowns finally knew who is the female star that accompanies the grouping of urban music cuban People of Area in their next single to be released under the title of “Girl”.

The members of the duo, the cubans, Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom have been together nothing more and nothing less than the famous american singer Becky G, who became the “child” of this new topic that many already predict that it will become a success.

The artists themselves have been responsible for disclosing the news via their social networks with a picture in which they appear posing the three together. Frame sharing is a part of the video clip will launch the song soon.

“Surprise! Happy because finally the time came to surprise you and tell you that the Girl is Becky G. we could Not wait any more, and the video for “Girl” will be launched on the 23rd of April. We are pleased to present you with this new single. I will love it, ” said the great cuban duo in their profiles.

Becky G for their part, shared the same image accompanied with the following words: “the girl with The People of the Area comes out this Thursday, but you can already see a breakthrough”.

The audiovisual material will be out on Thursday 23rd of April and will be available on all digital platforms for everyone to enjoy on Friday, April 24th.

Fans, for their part, have not been slow to react to this union’s unexpected among People of the Zone, and Becky G and already there are many who eagerly await to be able to listen to the topic.

“Cute trio, sure to be a success as everything you do, because I want to hear it”, “it Is true, are the best of Cuba”, “Anxious to hear the theme, I hope to surprise you” or ” That is a stick insured”, are some of the messages that you have left the cuban singers in the social networks.