Get to know Sharlene, the promise of the gender city that rose to fame due to a recognized series of Nickelodeon

Sharlene is 27 years old and is a native of the Dominican Republic. Photo: Courtesy Universal Music.
Sharlene is 27 years old and is a native of the Dominican Republic. Photo: Courtesy Universal Music.

In recent years, in Latin america many young artists coming out of series or soap operas youth have managed to open space in the urban music. Sharlene is one of them.

The dominican republic, 27 years old, was one of the stars of the series of Nickelodeon Grachiand now has left that facet of performance on their side to consolidate their career in the genre urban.

In fact, recently the artist released Pegaitonext to the singer venezuelan Nacho, whom works for the second time. And despite the fact that the topic came out in full pandemic, Sharlene ensures that it is a very sticky and that, in one form or another, is associated to the new style of life.

“Throw out the topic in the quarantine, it was something different, because we did not know how I would react to people. But I think that you had to take risks, not sit idly by, and that’s why we launched it. What happens is that we still don’t have video because we grabbed the quarantine and, more well, now we are seeing if we do something different with Nacho, as grabarnos each one,” said the singer, who recently premiered her album Trip.

But Nacho is not the only artist of considerable renown in the genre that has worked the singer. In that list are also Zion and Lennox, Farina, Mike Bay, Don Omar and Maluma.

“I like very much the genre of urban, but I am also fusing rhythms. The urban comes fused with different influences and have the support of many artists in the genre for this is very rewarding. They have represented learning, I have learned a lot from each one of them, I have opened the doors of their countries and their markets,” he said.

However, the artist asserts that this is a start and hopes to work soon with artists such as Karol G, Greeicy or Anita, whom he admires for the career they have done.

For Sharlene, the artists have been a key part of what is now called the music city, where there is space for both men and women, and it recognizes that you have to seize the moment of this boom.

“I love the fact that you are providing that change. Six years ago, the landscape was completely different, it was very difficult to make urban music as a woman and find support. Now, there are several exponents of the genre that have shown that not only do well, but they generate a lot of money to do it,” he says.

Of the TV to the scenarios.

In recent years, several actresses that have been part of the youth programs of the cable television have reached the international fame with the genre urban.

One of them is Martina Stoessel, better known as Tini, and who was known in the series of Disney Channel Violetta, in 2012. Now the singer argentina conquers the public with the urban music.

The same thing happens with the colombian Greeicy Rendon, who was the protagonist of the series of RCN and Nickelodeon Girl Vampirein the 2013, and from a couple of years ago, the artist of 27 years is dedicated to making urban music.

In the case of the dominican republic, she began doing musical theatre, however, his big break came in 2011, when he gave life to Katty in the series Grachi.

“To me, that is music and performance I’ve always seen it very closely and, in fact, many of the characters that I have played do are singers. The performance prepared me to defend myself on a stage, to feel comfortable on-stage and interpret moments through other people,” he says.

And, while your quarantine, says will continue trying to interpret the feelings of other people to compose letters and share them with their followers on social networks.

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