Halsey is encouraged with a ‘look’ – inspired Sleeve on Instagram

    The quarantine is bringing out our more creative side in social networks, an aspect that some artists have also moved to your dress giving it a spin to your wardrobe. It is the case of Halsey, who on Tuesday surprised his more than 19 million ‘followers’ with one of the ‘looks’ most commented on Instagram. This is an outfit inspired sleeve that reminds us quite a bit to the costume that took the character of Chibiusa of the series ‘Sailor Moon’fiction that abanderaba the ‘girl power’ back in the nineties. By the way, superserie from here, we ask Netflix to Spain that incorporate to their catalogue, as they have done with other classic manga, ‘Sakura cazadora cards’. The case is that the look of warrior galactic has been a success in the profile of Halsey, whose photo is now inching towards the two million of ‘likes’. And it is not for less!

    The interpreter ‘You Should Be Sad’ it also gave us a trick quite useful for us photos cool during the confinement: sometimes an angle is a low angle also gives as a result this type of photons, especially if the effect is to do as you step in the house. Come on, we have pointed out already.

    Adorned with a ‘croptop’ white adorned with a pink bow, at the bottom is encouraged with a skirt of tables to play with the wig fantasy in color pink chewing gum. But what most caught the attention of the outfit were the knee high boots military that we have found for sale. Do you like?

    the look sleeve halsey on instagram

    Dolls Kill.


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