How it has managed to Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss to be one of the best-selling fragrances in the world for more than two decades


Said Saint Laurent elegance is forgetting what one is wearing. The seamstress, as well, he considered it more of a habit than a gesture. And Boss Bottled from Hugo Boss is, if we are guided by the words of the master, an elegant fragrance. As easy to wear as a black suit made to measure, as inconspicuous as a white shirt, well ironed, as subtle as a tie smooth narrow blade. It is the triumph of a distinction comfortable and without fanfare, the sublime charm of the small pleasures and the flavours simple. But we will return later about the latter.

A priori, Boss Bottled from Hugo Boss not has the makes of a signature fragrance (even if it is so, and in what way). Does not seem that outfit with that triunfarías on a red carpet, or that look that would lead to sprains of the neck to your step. And yet, therein lies a large part of its success: while other fragrances appeal to a man fascinating who is noted for his physical attributes, their magnetism is inherent, or their bold acts, Boss Bottled directed the professional success whose appeal lies precisely in their social position. A category that is not so much a gesture, the seduction, as a habit, hard work, honest and constant. Boss Bottled, in short, asks us to fall in love with the good guy.

The campaign has signed two decades of leadership in the markets, The Man of Alland, it has its internal logic and it works.

Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss, in detail

Your package itself is a declaration of intentions. Take a look at the bottle, a bottle of pure and simple lines whose only extravagance is the lettering later invested to make a game that complete the name of the fragrance, the join visually with the Boss in relief on the front. Look the cardboard of the packaging, austere also from the visual point of view. If you turn around, you’ll see that imprinted the list of output notes, heart and bottom. As if the intention is to skip that law marketiniana not written that at the time of selling a perfume and its notes are the least of it; or as if even in that, I would like to be honest: what you see is what there is.

Boss Bottled from Hugo Boss

© Courtesy of Hugo Boss

According to those notes, and we passed since the juice, Boss Bottled (also known as Boss No. 6, was the sixth creation, olfactory of the home) it is an eau de toilette’s woody-aromatic. The prestigious perfumer Annick Ménardo wanted to give this fragrance an output fruity and spicy, an explosion playful and rustic, with its notes of bergamot, apple, plum and cinnamon. It is the touch of color that a gentleman sober and starched should be allowed that eccentricity secret that, like the underwear, known only to the person wearing (or who shares with her his morning). Because you quickly the scent evolves towards a few chords floral and spicy, with the daisy, geranium, and clove; and ends aposentándose in a fund purely woody, now pinned yes in the standards of masculinity (what smell your classmates when you get to the office it will be this collection of woods: cedar, sandalwood, vetiver and olive tree).

As a concept, and until the advent of its decline, Infinite (which leads to the advertising to other territories, such as the sea and the surf), Boss Bottled is always we have aimed at an urban man. However, from the point of view of olfactory, perhaps the best metaphor for the eau de toilette it a walk through a field as the mediterranean in the dawn, at that time the dew evaporates from the earth, the flowers, the trees and fallen fruits in the forest.

Boss Bottled has a good sillage, its presence is felt without being invasive, but a stay low. Its longevity is hardly three hours, as if, by not bothering, would rather do their job and leave the stay discreetly. It is perhaps his weakest point, although judging by their numbers (and by the amount awards GQ cosmetics who has won, we’ve lost count), such a weakness is not a problem for their fans.


Advertising original Boss Bottled showed the Polish model Alex Lundqvist melt in your outfit perfect with the bottle of the fragrance. That first ad already laid the foundations for what would become a classic in all the campaigns of the product: a man wearing a suit pristine in a sophisticated apartment of glass walls. With the time, the models gave way to the famous. Their last two ambassadors, Gerard Butler and Chris Hemsworth are have recited the decalogue of The Man of Today in front of the cameras, a whole code of behavior for the man of modern success.

Boss Bottled is, in conclusion, the fragrance is conservative with a small hint of risk, the right to seduce and differentiate without polarize. Its structure is very balanced and, as the own clothes of the fashion house, capable of generating broad consensus (if queries on Basenotes, almost 68% of the reviews are positive and only 13.5% the check for earth). It has managed to occupy quite a niche market for original and, from that position, expand to other territories through multiple versions. It takes more than two decades among us, and, if there occurs a cataclysm, will fulfill two more decades. To paraphrase Coco Chanel, dress vulgar and only see the suit, dress elegant and they will see the man.

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