“In fact I flew” Anahi responds on his recipe for enfrijoladas


Listen the note:

The mexican actress and singer Anahí, wife of the politician Manuel Velasco, reacted upon realizing that his recipe for enfrijoladas, upload on your channel in November 2019, was taken up again in times of Covid-19.

The old video quickly caused teasing and memes on the part of the users social networks, those who judged the former RBD for the simplicity of its preparation, the most in-tone comic.

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The singer said on his account Twtter: “I have to confess that, in the midst of all that we are living and days that have been tough in the life of all, I have laughed as long ago did not. I had years that video there and never had paid attention, actually I flew,” he wrote in their networks.

“Someone took the time to go to my page, subscribe, go to the videos and review all that I have there and that have almost a year to find something to make a joke. The truth thank you,” he said Anahí in his Twitter.

The ingredients for your recipe are based only on three: corn tortillas, nopal cactus, beans and cheese, which was placing easily in a dish.

“On issues that matter today all we need of all. If you want to advertise your business I can help you by posting something here, with that. Write to me,” released later the mother of two children, who like other celebrities who try to help small businesses before the crisis caused by the coronavirus.