In what order to watch the movies of Superman


Superman it is one of the superheroes most popular in the history of comics; so much so, that since its debut in the comic series Action Comics in 1938 she starred in all kinds of adaptations in the series, films, and video games. In this sense, recently I offered a story on the passage of Man of Steel in the video game industry and the dream of having some day with a title to your height. But back to Hollywood.

All the Superman movies

So, Superman has had many different adaptations over two sagas main, always taking into account the modern cinema and, aside from adaptations of classic years 40 and 50 of the TWENTIETH century. And that is the big debut of the character was produced in 1978 with Superman: The Movie or Superman: The movie, with the actor Christopher Reeve as the main protagonist, saga that would extend over a length of 3 more films until 1978, and its fourth part.

It would not be until 2006 when Superman returned to the movies with Superman Returns with the actor Brandon Routh as Clark Kent, the film was conceived as a successor spiritual of the first two installments of the Superman of Reeve and ignoring the third and fourth part. However, the saga would end with this film despite its good reception.

And as we come to the actual series belonging to the Universe Paving of DC, making its debut with The man of Steel or Man of Steel with the actor Henry Cavill as Superman, a role he would repeat in Batman v Superman: dawn of justice or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice league or Justice League with other superheroes of DC. As a curiosity, Superman appears as a small cameo role in ¡Shazam!, although without showing the face.

We leave you with the chronological order of the different Superman movies.

  • Superman: The movie (1978)
  • Superman II (1980)
  • Superman III (1983)
  • Superman IV (1987)

  • The Man of Steel (2013)
  • Batman v Superman: dawn of justice (2016)
  • Justice league (2017)