It reveals what he thinks about the daughter of Kate Beckinsale that his mother would have boyfriends of their age


Following news of his relationship with Pete Davidson of 26 yearsa love that lasted only a few weeks, it became public that the actress might have been cast of new a boyfriend twenty-year-old, Goody, Grace, a young musician of 21 years with the which has been photographed walking hand in hand…

And although there is no official confirmation on the part of the protagonists, a source has revealed to InTouch do you think the daughter of the actress, Lily, 21 years old, do you think that your mother goes with kids his age.

The daughter Kate doesn’t mind the fact that Kate likes younger guys and is accustomed to that at this time. Kate feels drawn to the younger guys that are creative, are your type“. And adds: “She likes to surround himself with them because he likes to be aware and up-to-date on what is trending at this time“.

In addition, this source admits to the magazine what relation mother and daughter: “Kate and her daughter are very close and have an excellent relationship“.

The actress became mother of Lily next to Michael Sheen’s split in 2003.

Kate Beckinsale with her daughter Lily | Gtres