“It will be the lie, the ms big of the planet”: The disconcerting message of Mau and Ricky to their Fans


The plenty of time during the mandatory quarantine has caused many of us to go to the drawer of memories and we have poignant moments.

The children of Ricardo Montaner they decided to share their nostlgico time through social networks and thrilled all their followers

This was the case do musical Mau and Ricky they spend their days of isolation mantenindose close to the way they can and that’s why they decided to publish photos of old few.

The brothers share the same official account of Instagram and all was where they climbed these images in which they can see with their companions of all life, the musical instruments.

I’ve been remembering what was going through my mind and the times of this photo. When Rick and I the only thing that hacamos was soar and soar with all that we are living today, was part of the message that accompanied the posting do.

Thus, Mau and Ricky aprovech to thank you for the carian of the people: you Will be lying ms big of the planet to tell you that we accomplished all by ourselves! The truth is that it is ALL thanks to God and to you!!!!, assured.

In a few minutes, the publication reached thousands of likes and make you full of comments in appreciation for opening the side ms sentimental this do to the expected to see again soon in action.