Jennifer Lawrence could be part of the universe Star Trek


The actress, according to the portal ‘We Got This Covered’ could be one of the main protagonists of the fourth installment of ‘Star Trek’.

In turn, the journal argues that those who already been hired to write and direct the film in which, perhaps, we’ll see the u.s., is the famous Noah Hawley.

However, that is not all, because it was also learned that there is a fifth film planned, and that could be targeted by Quentin Tarantinodirector that on several occasions he expressed his passion for ‘Star Trek’, which he called a “Pulp Fiction in the space”, at the time. But the big question is how Jennifer will be in both?

Will have to wait for the confirmation of the rumor, as the star is one of the most required by the studies Hollywood in these moments.

Let us remember that, career in the us began with occasional work in television, until he got one of the main roles in the series ‘The Bill Engvall Show‘.

With only 22 years, the celebrity won the award of Oscar of the academy in its category of ‘Best actress’, with the film ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘; however, it was consecrated internationally for his role as ‘Mystique‘in the film ‘X-Men: first class‘and in the film ‘The hunger games’, where characterized Katniss Everdeen.

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