Jennifer Lopez is close to buying the Mets for $2,600 million | News of The Savior


The artist, together with her partner Alex Rodriguez, looking for partners to acquire one of the teams historical baseball american

The singer Jennifer Lopez and his partner, the exbeisbolista Alex Rodriguez, make the necessary contacts to be able to buy the New York Mets, of Major League Baseball in the united States. It is a dream that has the expelotero of the dominican republic, because after going through the ranks of the Texas Rangers and The Yankees, never was able to sign with that team.

“I will say this, if there is the opportunity (to buy the Mets), I would do it for sure,” Rodriguez said a while ago in a television program.

Between JLo and and Rodriguez they have a heritage that is around 650 million dollars, but that is not enough to buy the computer, since it has a value of $2,600 million. Therefore, the caribbean is looking for partners for acquiring a franchise’s historic baseball world.

On Sunday he shared this image caused a furore, where you will go in front of the mirror while posing in a small bikini, white with hair pulled up and the natural. The photo was accompanied with the message: “Relaxed and recharged”. Photo/ Instagram

In December, Fred Wilpon, the constructor property that owns the team today, he said he was in talks to sell 80% of the team to the entrepreneur and philanthropist Steven Cohen, an operation that did not end up taking place and allowed Alex Rodriguez to return to have hope in your dream, picks up the midst The avant-Garde.

While Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are still looking for partners, puerto rico’s not leave aside their wedding, which have had to cancel due to the Coronavirus, a disease which attacks the whole world and prevents them from performing a ceremony and feast for their guests.