Jennifer Lpez le dedic a sense message to her daughter on the day of your birthday

Jennifer Lpez and your daughter Emme they are very united and, in fact, already acted in a mega show and in a joint way. All, the small showed that hered the talent of its parents, given that not only is highlighted wi for their charisma but also for his voice.
That’s why, on the day of her birthday, Jennifer Lpez I shared a photo hugging his daughter and explained the moment captured: my small and loving It … from the first day that you know w, (you were so small then …) moved towards m, you sat on my lap, I abrazaste and I asked her to bring my dress of lavender was used in the Grammy when you grew up.
You won my heart in a fraction of a second … you’re not quite as small but still you’re sitting on my lap and I love it! ?HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet nia! #ThisPicIsUs PD: I have the dress in store for you!, highlighted wi Jennifer Lpezwho beyon among his followers, the special gift you save for the small.
To express your immense carian, Jennifer Lpez not only received the congratulations of his faithful followers, but also the likes of stars such as Jennifer Aniston, who is conmovi with the posting where the love of mother to daughter enterneci all.

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