Justin Bieber: Enjoy the quarantine in the family | Newspaper of Mexico


The canadian singer Justin Bieber takes advantage of his confinement to share pictures of him and his brother 10 years ago, Jaxon.

In your account of Instagram, Justin, 26, posted a picture of him next to his brother, accompanied by the phrase: “I love You with all my heart.”

In other instántaneas, it appears the interpreter Yummy and Intentions with a grey sweatshirt and short-shorts, playing video games, practicing at home with a hockey stick and playing drums.

While, with his wife Hailey Baldwin published some photos where you appear posing together.

However, the famous and his wife would not have stayed away from the controversy during the isolation, since in days past, while they had a video call with Kendall Jenner, the socialite gave controversial statements about the privileged situation in which they can pass the quarantine, as he declared that the rich people should not worry about the people without resources, as they have struggled to enjoy a comfortable life; words that brought the anger of some fans.

Last February, the singer released Changes, their first album in five years, and would begin in may, a tour of the United States, which had to cancel due to the health emergency for pandemic COVID-19.


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