Justin Bieber was concerned her fans after appearing in front of the cameras What happened to him?

Definitely one of the moments that most impacted people during the previous years, was when Justin Bieber decided to put aside their beautiful appearance, to appear this way! you need to see the picture!

Justin Bieber at 26 years of age has managed to mark a before and an after in the lives of many people, and that is thanks to your precious talent, the famous singer has managed to earn the love and respect of millions of people.

But, due to many controversies in which he was wrapped, Justin Bieber he stopped being the guy adored by millions and went on to be the “bad guy” that everyone feared.

Now the famous has adopted a style quite peculiar, which is not carried away by stereotypes nor beauty, in fact the artist is dressed up and maintains its appearance of the way that you feel most comfortable.

In this fotogradía we can see him with a shirt short sleeves, fully wrinkled, also had put a cap, which is perceived that I was quite worn out.

But it is not the first time that Justin Bieber appears this way in front of the cameras, because without a doubt a long time ago made it very clear that they no longer wanted to be the guy cute and charming… Do you which of the two styles of Justin you prefer?

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