Kelly Clarkson joked that her children are “young children of depressed”


2020-04-21 16:30:06

Kelly Clarkson has joked saying that their children are “little children depressed,” because I love her song ‘Born To Die’ from the movie ‘Trolls ‘ World Tour’.

Kelly Clarkson has joked that her children are “young children of depressed”.

The star of 37 years, have children, River, five, and Remington, four, with her husband Brandon Blackstock and Kelly, joked that believes that their children are strangers because his favorite song of his new movie ‘Trolls ‘ World Tour’ is his song ‘Born to Die’.

In a statement to Brooke Reese on Apple Music, Kelly said: “we have seen a couple of times, you are in love, which is a disaster, but you are in love with the song I sing”. Born to die.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ And then the second option is to ‘Just Sing’. And I say, ‘How is it that this is not your first choice, depressing to the young children?’ But anyway, they love it. “

Meanwhile, Kelly also spoke about ‘Since U Been Gone’, which is song number one on his best songs in Apple Music, but admitted that he has fond memories of working in the simple.

She explained: “I have a very different feeling about it … I love what that song does to people, I love to be outside very different in the way of demonstration they sent me. Behind the scenes, it was so fun to record because of situations of which I will not speak, because I will not sell to the people.

“But I will say, my favorite memory, if I’m being more positive about it, was the fact that I had to appear in a video session and completely destroy an apartment, and that was my job. That video was possibly one of my favorite videos, because literally I’ve only got rabies, and only I break things all day. So even though I have a lot of personal history for me, that is not my favorite. I love it … I can Still be on the stage, although I can compartmentalize that emotion and focus on the fun part, because it’s fun, the public will love the song, connect to it. And what that is, is well, I would prefer … If I had to repeat it again, I would rather go through all that c ** p to get the final product to really connect with a group of fanatics, and people who may not have been fans of Kelly Clarkson before “.

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