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Mohamed bin Salman, also known as MBS, is one of the heirs who has given what to talk about in the last few years, because the king’s son Salman bin Abdulaziz has been involved in several scandals of world-wide interest.

Mohamed bin Salman

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia is the first-born of the third and last wife of Salman and says that is his favorite. At the age of 12, the royal began to adentarse in the politics of his country while accompanying his dad, then governor of the province of Riyadh, all of its meetings.

When you reach the throne, Salman he appointed his favorite son and Minister of Defense, 29 years old, after he put it in front of the state monopoly of oil and the organ of public investment and not slow in showing their ambitions and enter in scandals.

Mohamed bin

According to the BBC, in 2017, Mohammad bin Salman ordered that some 200 businessmen and princes, the wealthy were arrested at their home in the Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh and was only released after they handed out billions of dollars to a new body anti-theft set up by the crown prince.

The prince Mohamed bin Salman it was also involved by the murder of the saudi journalist Jamal Khsasoggiin the embassy of Saudi Arabia, in Istanbul, according to the Country.

According to the Washington Post reported that the crown prince had tried to lure Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia to stop it.

Mohamed Salman

On the other hand, Mohamed bin Salman he was also involved with the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezossince , according to several media, was hacked through a message from the number staff of the royal heir, Mohamed bin Salman.

Depending on The Country, experts of the Organization of the United Nations (UN) have mentioned that the hacking of the phone of the american entrepreneur could be related to the attempt of Saudi Arabia to silence the coverage of the Washington Post with regard to this country, as the journalist Jamal Khashoggicolumnist of the newspaper to Bezos, was killed by saudi regime in 2018. Also read: The UN is involved in the hacking of Jeff Bezos, and asks you to investigate the participation of Saudi Arabia

Mohamed and Jeff Bezos

It is also related to the disappearance of the princess Basmah of Saudi Arabia, as some of the media made public the news that the Saudi arabian authorities prevented travel to Basmah to Switzerland to undergo a medical treatment due to a cardiovascular disease of chronic nature that afflict the princess.

The princess was stopped next to one of his daughters without receiving any explanation and is located in the high security prison of Al-Hair, reported the newspaper ABC. Also read: Erased messages rescue of the kidnapped princess Basmah bint Saud

princess Basmah

Recently, Basmah used his Twitter account to ask for help, because it ensured that you do not know the reason for his detention. In addition, he said that is very sick. Days after, his tweets were deleted on the social network.

Another issue that was put to the prince Mohamed bin Salman in view of all was when it was speculated that he had a sentimental relationship with the american actress Lindsay Lohan, who according to Page Six, prince Mohamed filled of luxuries, private travel, gifts, luxurious and even credit cards without limit.

crown prince and Lindsay Lohan

Not to mention that it is the owner of the property most expensive in the world, the Château Louis XIV, a property valued at $ 300 million, which has a hall and a sumptuous meditation, a disco, a giant aquarium with koi fish, a wine bar with a capacity of 3 thousand bottles, fountains decorated with gold leaves, swimming pools, two ballrooms, among other areas.

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