Kylie Jenner is captured without makeup and it looks totally different

Kylie Jenner was caught on the street without makeup or extensions, and surprised everyone by its natural beauty.

During the contingency, the entrepreneur he has been living with her ex-partner and father of her daughter, Travis Scott.

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Even, have celebrated important days like a real family of three, so you admit that things are very well between them.

However, Kylie longs for his brothers and nephews, but is very happy with the intimacy in which are seeing grow to Stormi, your daughter.

Kylie Jenner goes out to the street during the contingency

Last Sunday, Kylie Jenner was photographed while visiting his friend in Beverly Hillsso that broke the isolation that he was doing.

But the most impressive thing was that looked completely unrecognizable without her beautiful hair characterized by, and without a drop of makeup.

In addition to that, he wore a comfortable set of sweatshirt and pants in tones that are very neutral and with the hair up totally.

Even, didn’t mind walking barefoot from the house of her best friend to her car, because he forgot the shoes.

Despite the fact that it came, not with the production that distinguishes you, Kylie Jenner looked very happy and calm at the end of your visit.

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