Liam Hemsworth reveals the truth about his marriage with Miley Cyrus


Liam Hemsworth reveals the truth about his marriage with Miley Cyrus(Instagram)
Liam Hemsworth reveals the truth about his marriage with Miley Cyrus | Instagram

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus were a favourite couple of the show, but that ended several months ago, so Liam revealed the truth of his marriage that turned out to be something completely different to what was known.

This time Hemsworth decided to break the silence about their relationship and took advantage of a recent interview for doing so, because not everything seemed to be as I did see the cameras.

Went to the magazine Men’s Health the actor confessed that the period in which he was married to the singer and also actress had been really stressful.

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Over a long period of time, it was very stressful and it really caught me… There are times that I want to attack and say something because, from my point of view, most of the times the things that are written about me are completely false,” he revealed.

During the interview he made clear that he already exceeded that chapter of your life and who is happy in his new relationship with Gabriella Brooks, something that has been seen thanks to pictures that have circulated in social networks.

These days I don’t want to invest more time on worrying about that kind of stuff. I remind myself that I now appreciate and enjoy each moment as much as possible”.

The relationship that they had Miley and Liam was quite long, as lasted 10 years of dating but just a few months of married.

As also reported, the attention of the media, paparazzi and even fans, was one of the things that were most stressful during their marriage, something that has suffered since their courtship.

This certainly surprised many, since it is known that Liam it is very reserved with his personal life but maybe this was something in which he hung upon and that I had to take off for forward.

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Many fans of the couple will hurt your break up but there is no doubt that now both look happier than when they were together because even the same Miley he confessed that it could not be she same totally.