Liam Payne ruled out the return of Zayn Malik One Direction



Although the singer Liam Payne revealed a few days ago the five excomponentes of One Direction had a chat group that, among other things, would be good to try to plan for a possible reunion of music with which to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the birth of the band, it is certain that several of their fans more skeptics had long given the fact that Zayn Malik does not add to the project due to their traditional disagreements with the rest, which includes some slight personal.

And it seems that it is not going to miss reason, since the aforementioned Liam has shared now, in conversation with the british newspaper Daily Star, his conviction that the artist, who left the group in 2015 and reneging to a certain point of their stage in the same, you probably don’t want to join their plans. According to the statements offered by the first, Zayn has already proved on more than one occasion that you prefer to operate alone and as far as possible from the pockets of One Direction, too intense for a person with such high levels of anxiety.

“I think he doesn’t enjoy everything that goes with being part of something so big. I think that has to be careful of where you step. He loves to compose songs and has done very well with them, but on the other hand do not like to go out to the stage and playing them live,” he assured Liam in a new connection with their fans in Instagram.

“It also makes him a lot of grace to have to be exposed to the press in this crazy world in which we live”, has been sentenced at the time showing understanding for the mentality that has come to exhibit his old friend, with whom, everything is said, does not maintain a precisely close. “Most of us are in here in London, we are trying to organize our first video call on FaceTime”, it revealed in its time.