Like a fool who talks at a rapid pace: as well wanted to show Salma Hayek some directors of Hollywood


Salma Hayek be prepared for years with strict acting classes where the discipline was the base, and even the regañaron for not knowing how to sweep, but to the land on Hollywood it was soon realized that this learning does not help much, since some of the directors with which he worked only wanted her pretending to be dumb.

This was revealed the mexican star in an interview with Total Film that was taken on by the site

“Unfortunately I’ve never had many opportunities to do roles where she can use many of the things that I learnedor learn and do not let you use them”, he said.

According to the actress mexican “I had directors who were telling me ‘more stupid and faster. It sounds silly, and speaks more quickly’”.

And although in its early stages in Hollywood getting roles of “bomba sexy” and during his career he has starred in several comedies, it is true that Salma was one of the first latinas not only in themselves in this complicated world, but to stay current, as explained in another interview, some people said that 30 years would be finished.

“Never before had I had so much work. We always advise that you save the money because everything is completed for you when you turn 30. But also I was told that she would never get work in Los Angeles, because he was mexican and had an accent. Now I have 50 and I’m working more than ever before. The best characters are women of treintaitantos up. As an actress, are more interesting. Now I’ve got rid finally of the tag of sex symbol,”he said to Rhapsody in 2017.

In his recent interview with Total News, Salma recalled her preparation as an actress in Mexico.

In fact, when he decided to move to Los Angeles, Salma was already a figure of the tv mexican thanks to its emergence as the protagonist of the soap opera Teresa.

And although she could have remained in Mexico estelarizando more productions of this style, his dream was to another and this is why you started to knock on doors in Hollywood.

Over the years, Salma was prepared by taking classes that had non-missing and to give a sample of what strict they were, shared an anecdote of those years.

“Once a person of the class did not come, and it appeared after three days with a prescription from a physician. (The teacher) came and said to him, ‘how Is your death certificate?’ and another answered ‘No’ and the teacher ‘you can go and never come back. What if you’re doing theatre you will go with the public to tell them that you were sick? You were not sick enough. If you had been in the hospital, I would understand, but two days in bed… don’t come up with a recipe of my class. This is not a joke. Or you’re committed to this class or do not belong here’”.

Salma also played face in the flesh the discipline of their teacher, who the chastised him for not knowing how to sweep.

“I started to wipe and he stopped me and said, ‘sit down… you do not come two weeks because not shoveling properly. You have to investigate every one of the details. You have to love every part,’” he recalled.

Already very far from those years, Salma could claim to have forged a career of over two decades in Hollywood and still be active in the industry.

Just a few weeks ago he shared with his followers part of his complicated hair styling process to give life to his character of Ajak in the tape The Eternals, that is part of the Marvel Universe.

The actress is also one of the few famous within the industry who have refused to submit to treatments such as botox or cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance.