Live: concert One World: Together at Home


The initiative, ‘One World: Together in the Home’, was driven by the WHO, UN and Global Citizen with the purpose of raising funds for the fight against the coronavirus COVID-19.

For eight hours we lived in a marathon day with no precedents where more than one hundred celebrities joined their talents to send a powerful message of support to the medical staff that is the first line to combat this disease which completely changed the everyday life of the humanity.

With emotional videos of the applause in support of the staff of health initiated the transmission of the concert ‘One world: Together at home’.

The first artists on stage were Andra Day and Niall Horan, then a few comments to the tv presenter Jameela Jamil about the importance of staying at home and the difficulties facing the world by the pandemic.

The model Heidi Klum expressed his gratitude to the “true heroes of this crisis,” referring to the medical staff.

By marren Morris to duet with Hozier, the american Adam Lambert, and Rita Ora are some of the other singers who made it to the first time his appearance singing heartfelt melodies like ‘Mad World’ and ‘Stay together’.

In contrast, the actor Jack Black starred in a comical moment during the transmission with a video in which he asked everyone to stay home and do exercise to stay in shape and “flatten the other curve”.

During the event there was also a recognition of the people engaged in the work of disinfection of streets, transportation and public establishments in all the countries that are in confinement by the pandemic.

The puerto rican Luis Fonsi was the first latino to appear on stage next to the musicians with the song ‘I don’t give up’.

For their part, the actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Mcconaughey emphasized the need to join this initiative by the staff of the health, as it will require many implements like fans for the patients and protection for doctors, nursing assistants and all who provide care to those affected by this disease.

Dozens of talented artists such as Liam Payne, The Killers, Charlie Puth, Jennifer Hudson, among others, were also present with their voice of support.

The chinese artist Eason Chan revolutionized the digital transmission with the theme of ‘I have nothing’ and its message of unity and solidarity to overcome this crisis together.

The event also recognized the youth as a symbol of hope against the pandemic, thanks to their creative actions and initiatives to keep the mood in the midst of the difficulty.

Singer Jessie J gave a spectacular version of his hit song ‘Flashlight’ in which he invited the audience to sing with her.

The event recalled the mighty power of music, through which, regardless of the language, the communities are coming together to tackle the confinement, either by singing together a song of birthday or hope.

Sebastian Yatra was the first of the colombian artists in to do part of the transmission with one of their songs more moves: ‘Steal a kiss’.

Yatra expressed his gratitude to the staff of health and also to the organizations who led this initiative for raising funds to enable him by helping physicians and others in the fight against the COVID-19.

Sheryl Crow, Ellie Goulding and Annie Lennox with their powerful voices joined the messages of encouragement to those affected by this pandemic, and those who fight it.

The singer Juanes, the second colombian to appear in the concert, said, “we are together in this fight” and she performed her song ‘future’s past’, which speaks of hope and how to overcome together the hardships.

In the middle of the transmission, there was also space to detail the experience of each country to fight against the coronavirus, for example, from India, dr. Hema Divakar said that to achieve social distancing is very complex,“do not change the habits in a day,” he said.

In the world there are already 192 nations are affected, with an increasing number of sick and deceased by the virus.

“I worry about my family, that at some point I can be the vehicle of transmission”: doctors said that they are playing the life and the lives of their relatives during the pandemic. Recognize the applause that you give them, but they help more people follow the recommendations for insulation and hygiene.

The famous actors of the film ‘Contagion’ as Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Laurence Fishburne and Jennifer Ehle made a call to all the viewers of the concert on the importance of complying with all the recommendations of the health authorities.

The tape, released in 2011, portrays a world crisis by a virus, as is happening this year. This is why Hollywood actors recalled the measures such as social isolation, washing of hands to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Various artists, including Juanes, and returned to sing during the digital transmission prior to the main show.

The interpreter colombian put a touch of romanticism to the ‘Togheter at home’ playing ‘it Is you’.

Sebastian Yatra also had a second appearance in the day and took the opportunity to interpret ‘A year’, dedicándosela to all those lovers who are looking forward to getting together again when you pass the crisis.

For his part, Luis Fonsi was surprised with an acoustic version of his hit song ‘Slowly’ to brighten and put to dance to the spectators.

After a marathon day, Lady Gaga started the main show with a message highlighting the courage and bravery of the medical staff and said, “the event that we’re going to bring this evening is our love letter to the world”.

Presenters Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show), Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live) and Stephen Colbert (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) from their homes gave way to the singer, whom they recognized as manager of this initiative.

Then moved on to scene of great singers such as Stevie Wonder, Paul Mccartney, Elton John, to whom David and Victoria Beckham highlighted by his commitment to humanitarian work.

The singer Maluma, invited by Lady Gaga, sang ‘Carnival’ from his home in Medellin where it is in quarantine.

While the lead singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, with a powerful interpretation of ‘River Cross’ put a touch of rocker to the night.

The singer Lizzo left everyone without words singing ‘A change is gonna come’, while he expressed appreciation for all those who stay at home, “we will overcome this together”, he said.

The image of the night was for the account of the Rolling Stones who at the last minute had confirmed their participation in the initiative.

The group performed an exciting version of ‘You can’t always get want you want.

The neozelandéz Keith Urban was also present with the country music, while personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda said that is the time for governments to release all of the implements of protection to the health staff.

“The good news is that taking the right decisions can save lives,” said Melinda Gates.

The colombian J Balvin introduced five measures of prevention against the spread of the coronavirus, recalling the importance of washing hands, not touching face, among others.

After his intervention, the singers John Legend and Sam Smtih offered to the public a performance as a duet of ‘Stay with me”.

Another well-known singer who joined to this initiative was the lead singer of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, who sang ‘Wake me up when september ends’.

The presenter Jimmy Kimmel starred in an emotional moment with a gesture towards a home, remembering that there are many people who also deserve all the appreciation for his work in the midst of this crisis.

Before closing with a flourish, the american Taylor Swift playing the piano played a rousing version of ‘Soon you’ll get better’.

The event ended with the union of Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, John Legend and Andrea Bocelli that cantanron together ‘The prayer’.

Artists and international celebrities:

  • Alanis Morissette
  • Andrea Bocelli
  • Billie Eilish
  • Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Burna Boy
  • Chris Martin
  • David Beckham
  • Eddie Vedder
  • Elton John
  • Idris and Sabrina Elba
  • John Legend
  • Kacey Musgraves
  • Keith Urban
  • Kerry Washington
  • Lady Gaga
  • Lang Lang
  • Lizzo
  • Paul McCartney
  • Priyanka Chopra, Jonas
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Shah Rukh Khan

The colombian artists present were:

  • J Balvin
  • Juanes
  • Maluma
  • Sebastian Yatra