Love in the time of quarantine: the rise of the wedding virtual


In high season of marriages, the coronavirus shattered the dream of thousands of spouses and forced them to cancel or postpone your celebrations. The cases most emblematic in which the technology helped the couples to resignify this adversity, the number of civil unions according to the Civil Registry of buenos aires and the celebs affected by the quarantine.

With the blessing of the pastor

“We were going to get married by Civil the 26 of march in the CPC Pueyrredón and we were going to celebrate it on the 28th at Farm Lihuén”, start counting Diego Aspitia (42) and Sophia Cuggino (32), two people who met at a reading club. “Our life together was going to start after, but was leaving the isolation requirement, the contract of Sofi was going to beat and we only had option. So we said: ‘Already was. 21 we do online the same thing that we thought, for the religious ceremony’. Call to William, the pastor of the christian community, Aviva, explained what happened and he was responsible with giving us the blessing online. Later, with the help of friends, we took the photos, created the Instagram @mecasoencasa and we invite our guests to a Zoom in which there were about 40 people, and another 500 us, followed by Instagram. Lasted an hour and was beautiful, especially for the affection and support of the people. Yes, the clothing we wear was that of the Civilian; the other we save for when we can make our party, in September or October.”

“We liked starring a cute story in the midst of all the horrible things that are happening, but we could not have done anything without the support of our friends and our community”

An idea that became viral

“The Saturday that we were going to get married, on the 21st of march, the people sent us messages saying that provided by us… and us, that we had decided to get married after fifteen years together, we’re wrong. And Nahuel (Ponce, 33) he decided to make a video as if we were in the ceremony”, starts counting Carolina Gudiño (33), the rosario, in the living room of his house, put on her dress of 15 and placed him to her fiance a handkerchief “doing game with your short”. The result, music with the wedding march, it sent it to the known… “and suddenly ripped off the celebration! We began sending videos dresses, dancing, and taking as if they were with us. Was re vamp, cool. After you shared the video on Twitter and reached 1.3 million views. It is all so bizarre that I feel I’m in another dimension, without counting that now have to be in India! Changed everything, and I on the inside I am not well, but I try to put the best face… What do I know… I Hope the 9 of January, the only date that we get no increases, we have revenge.”


Is the number of marriages postponed in the Federal Capital, according to sources in the Civil Registry and the Ability of the People of the Ministry of Government of buenos aires. Of them, 26 they were going to celebrate in private places between the 16 march and 4 April, 24 in the most emblematic places between 16 march and 14 April, and 547 were to be performed at Headquarters and in the various Communes to between 20 march and 3 April. They were all “to reschedule” when everything resumes. When is held the last wedding of the buenos aires pre-quarantine? It was the Wednesday, 18 march to 13 hours, with small audiences, that is to say, with the mere presence of the couple and the witnesses, an approach that has been used since the 13 of march. It is important to keep in mind that in a year are held between 12.500 and 13.500 marriages, and in the period affected up to now by the pandemic, there used to be 1,100 per month.

Planning to surprise

“We were married in the Civil Registry of San Isidro (North of Buenos Aires) on march 13, the day that they pulled out the decree that he could not get people, but luckily the judge decided to make an exception with us, because they had been warned or them”, start counting Felicitas Torreguitar (32) and Nicolas Barbosa (35), a newly-married couple before the law that they had been planning since a year ago to get married by Church and celebrate their wedding on the 27th of march, “a date in which, when we cancel, we thought that we were not going to be able to or greet our guests, for the issue of the distances, a chinese! (…) And now that is exploiting the Krakatoa volcano should be honeymoon in Indonesia. By the way that return –the passages– is that the worst to us was,” admits the woman, the 27 last of the 20 hours went to a party digital surprise with party favors, organized by her friends in complicity with Nico, “that was good because I lifted the mood (…) is, I already mentalicé I’m going to marry the 2 of October, but I never would have imagined that would change the date of my marriage for a pandemic”, close the wedding, which in September will return to try on the dress.

“It may happen that the couple is separated or the death of a close family member, but you will never imaginás that a pandemic is going to change your marriage. Nobody could have anticipated!”

What does the law say?

Doctor Pablo Feito, operational manager of the Civil Registry of buenos aires, spoke with PEOPLE about the new “marriages” virtual and said: “The marriage of virtual mode would not meet with the requirements required by the law, namely that the celebration is public, with knowledge of the place and the presence of the parties and witnesses before the public official. In addition, the public act admits that anyone who wants to express an opposition can perform and establish, as foreseen in the Civil Code and Commercial. In turn, the proceeds of which marriage are sheltered by the accession of our country to the New York Convention of 1962 on Marriage (Law N° 18.444), which, in relation to the requirements of marriage holds in its article 1°: ‘will Not be able to contract legally marriage without the full and free consent of both parties, expressed by them in person after due publicity, to the authority competent to formalize the marriage and of witnesses, in accordance with the law’”.

“The marriage of virtual mode would not comply with the legal requirements”

Celebs affected

Might be interested in

After your Civil, Eduardo Costantini (73) and Elina Fernandez Fantacci (30) were planning their “big wedding” to the end of march.

Jennifer Lopez (50) and Alex Rodriguez (44) were to say “I do” this winter; today they say “we will have to wait.”

The parents-to-Katy Perry (35) and Orlando Bloom (43) already cancelled the wedding that they were going to celebrate in Japan.

By Kari Araujo.
Photos: AFP and courtesy of Almond Fantilli, C. G., F. T., and Civil Registration and Capacity of the People.