Miguel Bosé, “amazed” with the response to your challenge is more personal in networks



Tomorrow marks one month of the death of the actress Lucia Bosé, and his son Miguel Bosé, is still paying homage to the woman who gave him life and now longs for.

The singer, who is in Mexico, where she lives since several years ago with their sons Tadeo, and Diego, it has been shown dejected on social networks for the loss of your mother, you could not say goodbye for the confinement decreed.

Through them, has shown its gratitude for the loving words received from friends and admirers.

Samples of support in the form of messages and drawings with a label very concrete: #AzulDeLucía, the color of the hair of the actress of “The death of a cyclist”.

From there, the artist issued a challenge, a call: to all graphic designers, painters, cartoonists, cartoonists, illustrators to join the challenge #AzulDeLucíaDesign to materialize your best idea, about what inspires her mother. “I will share it in my networks”.

Since then, the account Instagram of Bosé was filled with drawings and illustrations with a particular vision of Lucia Bosé, portraits decent and realistic in intense blue, sweet images of a Lucy flying, as a “blue angel”.

“What a beauty!!! Bravo!! All are wonderful,” said the singer of “Morena mía”, that does not stop to admire the work that you refer to those who participate in this challenge, images that move a actress in the fullness of youth, or already in maturity, always in blue.

Images that, by their words, comfort in loss, that fill you with warmth and emotion, made from the heart, and the admiration of the protagonist and his son.

“I’m still marveling and deleitándome with all your creativity. I created a lot of closeness with you. A feeling that I would not know how to explain. As a continuity of it in each of your expressions. Go ahead. I look forward to.. and decíos I want to. Thank you for making this closure high-so serene”, has written today in your account of Instagram.

A challenge to the Miguel Bosé called those “who want to portray their best idea on #AzulDeLucíaDesign and the response has been wonderful” (…). Let’s keep sharing!!!”, encouraged with enthusiasm.