Miley Cyrus down bad to their fans for not smoking on 4/20


Throughout his artistic career, the famous singer Miley Cyrus he has been a proponent of smoking and legalize the mariahuana. Despite this premise, on this occasion disappointed his followers by revealing that this 420 is not, although of course I wish a happy day to all who celebrate it.

However, many supporters not only asked why? some came forward and began to draw a different hypothesis as an alleged pregnancy. These statements, up to now are pure speculation, since we do not have any official statement that says otherwise. What is certain, is that the celebrity revealed that he was sober for months.

The Club Miley Cyrus

The image that accompanied the publication was not for nothing alarming, it shows Miley Cyrus tripled and passes a cigarette to his other “I” with the title of: “The club Miley! But what turned out to be an entire novelty, was transcribed “I’m Not going to quit, but the rest of my family will surely be tokin”, said the young star.

Although Cyrus was a sincere way many followers asked “To who you think you fooling” or “why are you not smoking?” with almost 4,000,000 of comments received the audience that it was “terrible news”. Sources close to the star assure us that the sobriety began when his father, Billy Ray Cyruslaunched its own line of cannabis joints pre-enrrolados.

The interpreter “Wrecking Ball” he has remained very quiet in the confinement mandatory. In fact it takes a program where you interview the heroes of the Covid-19 and already has more than twenty (20) interviews and their publications have a 573.000 reproductions each.