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As every week, the
tastes of mexicans are changing, and why the Top 10 productions over view of Netflix is being modified.
On this occasion, the audiovisual materials that are placed in the first
places of popularity are very different from the Top 10 of the week; the only production that continues in the
list is The house of paper
that still enjoys great popularity.

With the majority of the
population at home, and the heterogeneity of the tastes of the public, Netflix has opted to have a proposal
varied helps you maintain your popularity on streaming platforms
: other competitors such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO are
in search of that first place in users. These are the 10 productions more
views in Mexico during the 21 of April.

The last dance

Premiered on the 20th of
April, this documentary traverses the
career of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls:
the team in which he played
about 15 years ago, and managed to turn it into one of the best in the NBA. Before
the income of Jordan, the team had a losing streak and were not placed in the
first places; in this production also includes previously unreleased material. Currently are available the first and
second episode
, on the 27th of April
premiered the third and fourth chapter: every Monday to enable two chapters
new, and until the 18th of may they can enjoy the ninth and tenth delivery
which end with the documentary.

The dragon: the return of a warrior

This series
starring Sebastian Rulli, Irina Baeva and Renata Notni it tells the story of a young man, Miguel
Garza, whose parents are murders, and that is why it is sent to Japan to train
in martial arts
. After the age of 20, Miguel returned to Mexico and
it gets to the front of one of the drug cartels most important in the country.
This story was written by Arturo Pérez – Reverte, writer of The queen of
south, and in time to have gunmen on the scene of action: a group of
samurai are those who fight in the episode.

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The duo made by
Will Smith and Margot Robbie in this
film has captivated viewers to the extent that it has turned into one of the
films seen from his entry to the platform
on the 17th of April. The
story follows a veteran con man and a young woman who joins him for
learn the art of deception: time then are involved in a relationship
loving, and break the link by not to know how to separate the work and the scope
staff. Time after they are found again and reborn the romance
ended some years ago.

My favorite villain and My favorite villain 2

Both children’s movies that continue the story of
Gru, his family and his helpers the Minions
, have remained in the first places of
popularity in Mexico because although they are stories that were premiered ago
some years: they are still in the taste of the public. In the first installment you know the villain and his plan for stealing
the moon; this fact is frustrated by the entry of three girls who want to
turn it into your father
. In the second installment deals with the new life of
the family’s atypical and some of the obstacles that they face.

Other movies
are in the Top 10 of the productions more views are: Fast and Furious 7, The
house of paper, War in the Sawmill, the house of The role and Legacy in the

The month of may very
near and the catalog will be renewed again:
Hollywood, Almost happy and The Eddy, Valeria, and Conquest in the middle and The hunch
are the productions that will come to the platform to compete for the kitten
of the public.