Natalia Barulich exhibits intimate video along to Maluma What a daring!


The beautiful model Natalia Barulich did not want to go unnoticed one of the most unforgettable moments of your life, and it was when he had the opportunity to meet the singer Malumaalthough no longer a couple, they both exchanged messages in Instagram.

The beautiful celebrity of the networks and the colombian artist, had a romance, but unfortunately came strong speculation of a possible infidelity that caused the breakdown of their courtship, although the famous said that was for work purposes.

The model Natalia Barulich likes to draw out the eyes of their followers on Instagram and this time he did something different, then recalled an intimate video when I was with the singer Maluma, as the beautiful DJ, she participated in the videoclip of the song “Happy 4”.

The former colombian artist turned to Instagram to thank them for the opportunity that he had to have been a part of the video of the famous song, which carries more than 1.5 billion of visualizations in the digital platform of YouTube.

The ex-girlfriend of the singer shares intimate video

The famous theme Maluma was released 21 April, 2017 and for this reason his ex-girlfriend Natalia Barulich did not miss the opportunity to celebrate that this song remains a favorite, but what I was surprised to the users was the reaction of the famous.

  • “3 years ago… 1.5 billion views later… this video change my life. Thank you for letting me be part of it.” Wrote the model.
This was the reaction Maluma to the message of his ex-Photo: Instagram

This was the reaction Maluma to the message of his ex-Photo: Instagram

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Remember that when the famous left of photo sharing together, internet users began to speculate that both the model and Maluma decided to make their lives separately, even though there was a chance that the singer released a hint at his ex-girlfriend and she responded.

Photo: Instagram.