Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney + what should stay?


The arrival of new actors to the entertainment market via streaming has put more than one to think whether it is worth or not worth having more than a monthly subscription in your home. Although there is a wide variety of services and there are specialized options in anime or movies, the kings of the segment can be counted with the hands.

This week, Disney + was released in EE. UU. and in a matter of a single day he managed to attract more than 10 million users to its service, which delivers 7 days of free trial.

Companies like Apple, with its Apple service TV +, or HBO, they also have their own bets in the world of consumption demand. What are their differences? Here are some details to help you resolve all those questions.

A matter of taste

Streaming services generated a rupture compared to the way they consume content like tv shows and movies to give the user the possibility to see what I would like to ‘on demand’. In this sense, the people went to wait in the waiting room by a program with a schedule of grill determined to choose a content related and to see the hours more convenient, and even from their mobile phones, with the possibility of enjoying the entertainment even while traveling.

According to Jose Augusto Ventín, a professor of the University of the Sabana and researcher on alternative means, must take into account that the subscriptions are made to the platform and not to specific content, so that “many of those content to end up being the ‘hook’ for people to subscribe to the platform”.

“People want immersion and don’t like to wait for each chapter is issued from one week to another. Companies like Netflix are very clear that the human being adheres to that which meets their needs and strengthens their emotions immediately,”reflects the teacher.

But to respond to these tastes, the applications have improved their technology. Most services generate recommendations of tv shows and movies to users, based on their affinity with the genre, the theme or the type of stories that tends to see each person.

This means that the users, with each viewing, support the creation of a platform for increasingly personalized to your own tastes. At least this is the case, if the account is used by the same person.

However, in recent months, beyond the battle of the original series, there is a competition in the sector by increasing the time of use, and the loyalty of its customers. There come into play the differences and variables such as how often there are new releases of original content or up to how many active sessions you can have simultaneously.

Substantial differences

The first differences are in the type of content. A fan of Game of Thrones, for example, may opt for the subscription to HBO and your choice HBO Go. Series as Stranger Things or The House of Paper led many to discover Netflix.

In that sense, Ventín points out that applications, unlike Fox or the CBSC, which is issued by cable or satellite through other companies, they become their own distributors. “That forces people to subscribe, or yes, for consuming such content. It is a strategic decision to employ a single channel of distribution”.

Although Disney has tried to secede from the idea that your content is childish, much of that catalogue is based on series for teens and animated movies, which are the highest ranking family member.

In the past, executives have been ruled out, for example, that Deadpool is available. For adults the offer is more related to National Geographic and its documentaries, movies of superheroes, and maybe additional packages with sports options.

At this point it should be noted that Disney + will come officially to Latin america in 2021. Although some users have tried subscriptions with services of VPN that located networks in EE. UU. to cheat the system. The drawback is to depend on another service to connect.

Netflix is one of the few that keeps options for fans of japanese anime. Although it is far from having a catalog specialized as the Crunchy Roll, yes you have options redesigned by the firm as The Seven Deadly Sins or Castlevania. Likewise, as a producer has sought to generate productions of local value with examples such as the original series German Dark, and the series premises in countries like Mexico, Canada, Japan and France, among others.

For its part, Amazon Prime has looked for options and formats novel. In addition to joining the package shipments privileged to Amazon, you are strong in the series and the system of recommendations also includes creations of the same directors that the users saw in the past. However, for some, the catalog of movies is not as varied as you would expect. Apple TV + signed to some stars of Hollywood with productions such as The Morning Show and See starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Momoa, respectively.

Each platform has their own thing and at the time of choose, the taste can be carried the greatest weight in the choice.

Question of economí

However, as it says Ventín, today to see what you like a user would need different subscriptions. With the rise of these services, some users begin to feel what the teacher defines as “a saturation by hipersuscripción”.

“People need to subscribe to multiple platforms to consume different kinds of content: subscription for news subscription for music subscription for series and films”, points out and adds that users tend to tire of the mechanics, and that “survive the that has a higher concentration or offer a lower price”.

Then, in terms of availability and prices, the services vary from country to country.

Disney came out in EE. UU. in a competitive range of $6.99 and, in the case of the operator Verizon users could receive up to one year of free subscription. In addition, unlike the other models, will allow a total of 10 devices with the same account.

Netflix has a basic fee, for one person, $8.99, and in the family, which allows for up to 2 accounts at the same time, the cost is $12.99. For its part, Amazon Prime is just $8.99 only the video service and at 12.99 including benefit delivery. These plans allow up to two accounts at the same time. For its part, Apple TV + is released at a cost of $4.99 and allows up to five devices connected to the time in the Family Group, previously configured.

If a user elects to use all three at the same time, with thousands of series and movies to watch in the limited days of the month, the price would be around $40.

Yes. Be the of more supply and lower price you must also attend to some risks. “That should take care of these platforms is the spiral effect in the fall, because the demand of consumption is excessive and should search, and to constantly create content. If you set up a productive structure that allows them to achieve it, exceed it”, otherwise, others might choose, “as it has YouTube, for becoming only for distributors and reduce to a minimum its production”.

If you are interested in this industry, and probably other criteria to consider is the promotion of local culture or the impact that these services can have on the audiovisual industry independent, in the regions and in the types of content produced.

On the entrance of Disney, Ventín says “the entry of another producer does not have to be directly related to the displacement of smallholder producers, this is a matter more of public policy”. In general, laws on the audiovisual content to prescribe regulations for that through tax benefits, the big companies that come to countries to have commitments such as hire talent national.