No trace of Jussie Smollett at the end of “Empire”


As had been announced weeks ago, the series ‘Empire’ has come to an end permanently this Tuesday. In the beginning it was planned that the fiction of FOX about a family that owns a record label is fired from his fans following the sixth and current season, but the crisis of the coronavirus forced to accelerate those plans and to close the plot in the best possible way in the eighteenth episode.

The big unknown was whether the actor Jussie Smollett would return to the grand final after his character disappeared from the story following the attack racist and homophobic, which he denounced publicly that he had suffered at the beginning of 2019 and that the Chicago police are convinced that was in fact a montage orchestrated by the alleged victim.

Without entering into details to avoid possible spoilers, you can anticipate that there has been no trace of the interpreter.

His former co-stars and the members of the team were distancing yourself gradually Jussie according to emerging new evidence that prove his guilt, as for example the alleged sexual relationship that the interpreter had maintained in the past with one of his alleged attackers. Lee Daniels, one of the creators of ‘Empire’, confessed that she felt “ashamed” of having positioned itself in favor of Jussie without knowing the case in depth.

Despite this, when justifying his absence in the last episode, the official stance that has been adopted to be more politically correct, without going to assess his innocence or guilt, but without denying nor its contribution to the initial success of the production.

“I think that has been extremely difficult because Jussie is a vital part of the series, especially in the case of a family history. And he is an important member of the family, so it was very hard to find a way to close it all without him,” he confessed Brett Mahoney, executive producer of ‘Empire’, in statements to the portal Entertainment tonight.

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