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*Expressed that this song was hard to do and at the same time has been your favorite project

The american singer Kelly Clarkson, released on Thursday its new theme, I Dare You, in which participate five artists from different countries, sung in Hebrew, French, Spanish, English, German and Arabic.

The singers who accompany Kelly are, Germany, Glasperlenspiel; Blas Cantó, Spain; Zaz, of France; singer Arabic, Faouzia ; and Maya Buskila, Israel; each of these artists he recorded from his home and he has put his essence in the song.

In a statement, the singer of 37 years, said that this song was hard to do and at the same time has been your favorite project, in addition that this had been something I had dreamed of.

Has always been a dream for me, as I grew up singing in different languages, finding that perfect song with the perfect message, to connect us all globally, and then record that song, with several other artists from around the world in his native country. Languages”, as was announced by Rolling Stone.

With your theme I Dare You, decided to launch this topic in these days with the aim of providing hope and for people to connect with the song, in these moments in which all are found in confinement by the epidemic of the COVID-19.

“We feel that we could all be more connected now in all the world, and perhaps this message will bring a little bit of hope in this time sometimes dark and insulation”.

In addition, he thanked the five artists who collaborated with her, and who were in the part of the production of the subject and added: “we Hope that you will connect with this message, and to choose love instead of fear. I will challenge you”.