Novak Djokovic, surprised with the little amount of young fans of the tennis world

The tennis world number one Novak Djokovic was chatting with the tennis player Italian Fabio Fognini . They discussed the shape of the ATP circuit in the midst of the pandemic of coronaviruses and how they would look on things once you return to the circuit.

In addition, Novak seemed a little apprehensive to learn young followers on a small scale in tennis. The statistics it puts in danger the future of the sport. “I was very surprised to know that in the united States and Europe, a tennis fan average has more than 60 years,” said Djokovic to Fognini.

“That’s a little bit scary because that is not very positive for the future of the sport. Although we have great fans, of course, our sport is working well. Is a sport very global and international followed everywhere.

But we have to do something to attract the new generations ”. In 2019, the coach of Serena Williams , Patrick Mouratoglou, who shared about the average age of a fan of tennis for 62 years and the sport is not attracting enough young audiences.

The people from the days of John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg continue to closely follow the sport. The sport has gained a small percentage of new followers. “If we look at the figures, the average age of a tennis fan is of 62 years.

If you don’t do it now, it is too late, ” said Mouratoglou last year. “The way he plays tennis all over the world is not correct because we are not attractive to young people. We are attractive to older people and even so I’m not sure of it.

I think you are the die-hard tennis fans who came in the 70’s and 80’s” Novak Djokovic on the evolution of the structure for NextGen After knowing the reality of the tennis court, the chairman of the Board ATP, Novak Djokovic, in retrospect, it aspires to establish a better structure of the new players.

ATP has introduced the NextGen ATP Finals, which features the best professional of 21 years of age and under in the circuit. Novak talked about the improvisations in the event. “NextGen has its end in Milan, as a very good test and try to experiment with some changes in the rules, how to play sets of up to four, five sets, very dynamic. Also training on the pitch ”, he shut down the number 1 in the world.

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