Oh God! Karol G used a shirt so translucent that their pair of qualities were


Karol G made fly the imagination of more than one, after appearing in this photo with a shirt on super sheer, which let her see all that was below it-with No modesty whatsoever!

The amazing singer of urban music, has made an impact in a big way to the whole world and that is that at 29 years of age has managed to establish itself as one of the most influential artists of the time.

As we well know, the incredible Karol G it possesses a beautiful voice, which manages to enchant everyone who is listening, and in addition, it also has a body so extraordinary that it leaves us without words.

On this occasion, the incredible figure of Karol G managed to highlight over your clothes, here we can observe it using a hot shirt transparent, revealing all that was beneath Oh holy god miss!

The fabric of this shirt was super thin and of a dark color, below this was a divine bra of pink color, which held the pair of friends of the famous, and these were seen to full detail.

We love to see photographs of the famous, without any doubt we love to no end.