One-Punch Man will have its live action for the Sony Pictures


If you need all the One-Punch in your life, then get ready for that Sony is preparing a film adaptation at the hands of the writers Venomand letting the same to submit to Saitama to all the world in a whole new way, all of this according to the website of

Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner have the duty to write the script dand One-Punch Man. Avi Arad and Air Arad of Arad Productions will oversee the production of the project that is still in development.

One Punch Man is the anime about Saitama, the hero for the fun of it with strength and skills on human annihilate any villain just 1 hit / One

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Fans know the writers for his work in two blockbuster earlier. Rosenberg and Pinkner wrote the screenplay of “Jumanji: The Next Level” and “Venom”. Arad Productions has remained busy with his work in Spider-Man, Iron Man and the movies of the X-Menso the company is no stranger to the Super-Heroes.

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Obviously, it’s going to work in favor of “One Punch Man” given your opinion on the superheroes, but the sleeve japanese become anime has a vision very different the gender.

It is not known when this project will to good termbut it is one of the several adaptations of anime in the work.

Created by ONE in the year 2009, “One-Punch Man” began as a comic book website following the story of a hero named Saitama.

The calvo crossed looks like an average guy, but turns out to be the man STRONGER the world.