Open step that SHIREL comes to the scene: “I don’t need the approval of anyone”


We are living a special moment for urban music. Temporarily, we are in the midst of such a transition in which a musical genre more or less new starts to establish itself on a national scene, which is pretty rich because they begin to emerge, a lot of diamonds in the rough and we are in a permanent state of discovery.

Nicole (20) started singing at the age of ten in his school, and of all the musical genres he chose the trap (even if you prefer not to reference it), precisely the one that least requires vozarrón: also do not use autotune, but they could not rule out for the future. Nicole, after going through the program The Voice, became SHIREL, with a mounting well visual and digital in simple Money.

Basically fed up of silver, brightness and femininity. We wanted to know a little more about her and her project, and about how it affects the quarantine to an artist who is just becoming known.

Tell me about your project, how did Shirel?

I wanted to dedicate to the music from girl, you’d put all the energies into that, and by chance I met Cristián Heyne, who is producing my project. I asked him to listen to the songs and he seemed good. There I said ok, I’m going to get serious. I made up the whole part because I really like to write songs, beyond the show and sing. There was born this project. All music created and composed here in my piece. All that you will hear from me is very real and genuine. It has been transformed in this project that is very close to my heart.

You are the singer of truth, technically speaking, why did you choose to do trap that would come from this being the only genre of music that you do not requires greater vocal techniques?

I don’t have a reason. Everything is very natural. I decided to make this project the most natural I can. As I am independent I don’t need the approval of anyone. Then I take it to do something that I like because it’s what I feel, so he came. I would not say that never will I sing things more demanding for being in a world that is more urban. I think that will be an interesting combination. Everything is born of the naturalness of the songs. The most important is not your voice, but how much you can connect with people.

Do you discard to use autotune on future topics?

Do not discard it. It seems to Me entretenidisimo, I love it. More that a tool is a artistic resource.

Your simple Money, it may seem typically very superficial and materialistic, but if we look at the letter speaks of the effort, I explain the background?

The whole world has suffered for silver at some point or another. At that time couldn’t afford the silver to do a project that I wanted, and I wrote this song because the silver is summed up in how we live life. Desire silver to be able to spend it. That is the song. One works to be happy. I wrote of that place. Everyone wants money. Silver is the metaphor for wanting to be happy in life.

“You have to know how to differentiate gasoline of poison” What do you mean in that verse?

The gasoline lights a motor. It makes something to work. And the poison -gas is also a poison – you intoxicating. You must be careful with these things that seem to help you, that seem to be good but are not.

Who are your musical referents?

I grew up listening to Latin music like Shakira. I was obsessed with that type of music. Women very intense write with the guitar. Today I don’t have a reference to say that I am inspired by this artist, or this one, but I’m aiming a little bit to that, to that type of race of women self-managed who speak of what they want. Rihanna, Shakira, Beyoncé. I admire that type of woman who empowers his songs.

Your singing style is very similar to the Rosalia, do you have said before?

Yes, I have said it before. And wow, the mean comparison. Brígido that your name and mine in the same sentence. But I don’t know to compare. I think that we have points in common. I sing, she sings, we do urban music pop very feminine. But each one does his thing. This first song is a little bit of what I am as an artist and the other music speaks for itself.

What projects do you have? Do you have simple saved to premiere in quarantine?

Yes. My plan for this year is to throw a lot of music. That the people that follow me and who don’t know me know better what to do, what is it about this project and who I am. If God allows it comes from a song very soon.

How has this impacted the quarantine in your career?

There has been a great impact because I’m just starting. But people are willing to get to know new artists because it does not have much to do. I don’t want to say that I have benefited because I don’t know how it would have been in a different situation, but this living space in the home has allowed more people to pay attention. I think that it is very different for people who takes time making music and is in a different stage of his career.

The scene of the trap or the urban music is new but everything is already consolidated, with their icons and figures, was it hard to get in?

I do not want to tag themselves in the trap. There is always space, but gives a bit of a fright. The women we compare caleta with each other. From where I see it, this industry is small yet, there is so much talent and you can grow so much more. It is too early to say “what do you do in this category, with this reference to the trap chilean.” I’m newly venturing and there is still more music for me to learn better. I think that there is always room for more. Since no one has the urge to compete, but apañarnos, especially among women.