Paris Jackson will play jesus Christ in his new movie


Paris Jackson stands firm on his idea of building a career as an actress. The daughter of Michael Jackson, who has participated in fashion shows, has posed for advertising campaigns and has served as a presenter at various events, already has experience in front of the cameras but his new role will give much to talk about.

Is that Paris will play jesus Christ. The idea sounds somewhat crazy but in the context in which it will develop the film and to the universe that will draw, this proposal takes on meaning.

It is a film-type independent, which will be entitled “Habit,” and in which also participate Bella Thorne, who was popular a few months for her foray into the adult film as a director.

In the case of Bella Thorne, your role will be that of a young man who makes his living trafficking drugs and who also has a fetish that leads to the point of obsession: jesus Christ. That’s why he decides to impersonate a nun.

For its part, Paris, who had also started his journey in the world of music but which for the moment has not published the album, give life to a Jesus reinvented and modern which will look like a piercing in the nose, picks up Very Fan.

These are the first pictures of Jackson playing Jesus, a picture in which we can see that his brown hair and loose plays an important role in recreating the look typical of the son of God.

It is worth noting that Paris has already debuted with in television, with his participation in the third season of the series “Scream”, issued by MTV.

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