Salma Hayek against the coronavirus: the actress was painted a rainbow in the face to support an initiative


Actress Salma Hayek joined the initiative started by Feeding America, a food bank that seeks to help all people in need during the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, a disease that until now has plagued 2,501,156 all over the world.

The protagonist of Frida published in your account of Instagram part of the guidelines of the campaign that has by image a rainbow and she painted in his face.

According to Salma Hayek, the organization Yumi will donate a month of meals to a food bank Feeding America for every aicoíris labeling in social networks.

“For every rainbow tagged, @yumi will donate a month of meals to @FeedingAmerica to help families in need”, wrote the famous 53-year-old.

Salma used his face to paint a rainbow and collaborate with this measure: “I paint this rainbow ? in the face because it is a symbol of unity and hope. Thanks to all the health workers for their courage and tenacity”.

This campaign took its name from Rainbows in Windows (Aicoíris in windows), for a children’s book written by Arianna Wrote, illustrated by Karo Oh, and edited by Yumi. Follow the story of a boy named Amos who takes refuge at home with his mother.

This initiative, already joined by other stars such as Zoe Saldana, Pom Klementieff, and Sofia Boutella.

“We are impressed by the support we have received. Rainbows in Windows is dedicated to the heroes in the first line and the heroes that live at home. We wanted their children to know that they are also superheroes through all of this. ??♀️?♂️ Superheroes surround us. Give a kiss to you today,” said Yumi in your account of Instagram.

Feeding America, for its part, is one of the food banks that seek to help those most in need during this pandemic. On their website, they explained that they are the largest organization of hunger relief in the United States, even in cases of disaster and national emergencies.

Feeding America dedicates our resources, platforms, and political will to achieve the greatest impact on the people with the greatest need. This moment is an opportunity to illuminate how it affects all of us when some of us lack the protection of a safety net. By focusing on the needs of the people most affected, we can better ensure the health and safety of all communities,” said the staff of the organization.

Among its actions are:

Salma Hayek and its response to the coronavirus

The wife of the businessman François-Henri Pinault was one of the first to take shelter in your home before the pandemic of the coronavirus, since then it has remained discreet but with appearances sporadic in social networks.

A few weeks ago, the Mexican actress showed her talent to practice yoga. In the zip, you will see lying face down on a platform, while holding his legs with his hands, but without forgetting the sensuality, and is wearing a tight black dress.

“When you start to go to the wave after three weeks in quarantine,” explained the Veracruz in your account of Instagram.

On another occasion, he sent a heartening message to the healthcare crisis that is lived in all over the world because of the coronavirus COVID-19.

I know that most of us are doing everything possible to remain inside and stay away, but at least we are all in this together and thinking of the most vulnerable people,” wrote Salma Hayek about the virus.

In their stories of Instagram has also released a message about how dangerous it is to sneeze in public and his desire that all return to normal.

“Strange Days in which estornudabas and the people said a polite ‘Health’, now say ‘depart from me’” wrote the protagonist of Frida.